Business Visas

The Australian government welcomes the migration of businessmen and investors:

for many years, talented and successful entrepreneurs from different countries have been actively attracted, wishing to bring additional funds to the Australian economy. 

For this purposes, Department annually issues about 5,000 business visas, for example in 2020-2021 financial year was granted 4118 Business visas (source: FOI, DOHA)

Currently Business visas are the most desirable and important migration stream for all Australians states and territories.

This type of immigration requires candidates to bring required amount of funds to inject into Australian economy directly (through direct investment) or indirectly (through the development of own business in Australia).

The advantage of doing business in Australia is that the Australian economy has been and remains one of the strongest and most stable in the world, and this especially attracts businessmen and investors from all over the world. I recommend that you take a closer look at business migration if:

  • you want financial stability and security,
  • you have a great business idea and drive to start your project in Australia,
  • you don’t want to waste time studying,
  • you do not have enough points for skilled migration program,
  • you don’t want to work “for anyone else” or don’t know how to approach the search for an employer.
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There is a simpler and more affordable option with state / territory nomination under Skilled stream. Regional Provisional skilled visa SC 491 offers small business owners an alternative pathway with state nomination process, where primary applicant still requires to have an occupation from eligible list of occupations. The application can only be lodged / approved in the State / Territory that supports this program. READ MORE 

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Requirements for Business Visas to Australia

  • For all business visas, there is a single requirement – a first visit to Australia is required (on a tourist or business visitor visa) and often it is good idea to visit the state where you intend to conduct business activities (currently abolished during COVID19 period).
  • All visas are required to be sponsored by the state or territory where the applicant intends to conduct business, reside or invest.
  • Most visas have an age limit: the applicant must not be older than 55 years (limited exemptions apply).
  • Some business visas require knowledge of the English language, confirmed by an international exam, for example, IELTS with band score 6666 or equivalents.
  • For all types of business visas, it is mandatory to confirm there is no major health issues or character issues for applicant and family members by completion of medical examination and provision of police clearances certificates.
  • It is also important to determine the acceptable type of business that you plan to develop. For example, securities trading or passive leasing of real estate as a business activity is not considered for immigration.
  • I want to especially draw your attention to the state selection process, since for the next several years (from 2 to 6) after obtaining a visa you will live and develop your business there. At the same time, the requirements of some states may be higher than the basic visa criteria.

Australian Business Visa requirements

There is no define period of consideration for business visas by the Department, but from my own experience it may take about 15-20 months for processing. Preparation of documents, which is also supervised by migration agent, takes on average 3-4 months.

The business migration program is one of the most complex of all Australian migration programs. If you are enthusiastic about developing your own business or investing in the country with a strong and stable economy, please complete the form for a FREE assessment and receive migration advice from Yulia Moiseeva!

Types of Business Visas to Australia

Business innovation and investment visa includes several streams that differ significantly from each other in terms of the amount invested and personal financial capital, requirements for staying in the country and the nature of the applicant’s employment:

  • visa 188 (temporary), which may be granted to those who can confirm a successful business career in the home country,
  • visa 888 (permanent), which may be granted to holders of a temporary visa after you can satisfy all the conditions to transit to permanent residence.


Business Innovation Stream 

(Visa 188a/888) Is designed for businessmen with a starting capital of 1.25 million AUD, successful business with a turnover of 750,000 AUD and with the firm intention to actively develop a new or existing business in Australia.

Investor Stream 

(Visa 188b/888) Is suitable for those who have 2.5 million AUD for investment in eligible financial vehicles for a period of at least 5 years. Such visa allows holder to conduct active business or conducting business research focused on the future development of business projects.

Significant Investor Stream

(Visa 188c/888) is for applicants who do not have the opportunity to stay in the country for a long time, but who can invest in large projects at least 5 million AUD for all period of your provisional visa, show successful business conduct and legal origin of money funds.

Business Innovation and Investment Entrepreneur Stream 

(Visa 188e/888) Is a temporary visa for up to 5 years that will lead to permanent residence after 4 years. This is a visa for businessmen with innovative ideas that will lead to the commercialisation of a product or service in Australia, or the development of an enterprise or business in Australia. 

You must be endorsed by your nominating State or Territory government agency to develop your entrepreneurial concepts. There are no requirements of third-partly attracted founds from Department. However, every single state offered this Entrepreneur visa has its own requitements for applicants as well. 

Mandatory English IELTS requirements of 6666 band score or equivalent.

Please bear in mind that Australian Business visas are highly complicated and require the comprehensive assessment of your qualifications, scrupulous preparation of your submission documents and precise coordination for your profile presentation to DOHA.

To develop a strategic plan for migration to Australia from the first step to your PR, use individual detailed 60-minute consultation.