Partner Visas

Partner visas assume that you are in a sincere, honest and genuine relationship with a partner who has a permanent residence visa / Australian citizenship or an eligible New Zealand citizen. You may be able to apply for a permanent residence subject to certain criteria.

Partner visas to Australia do not imply age restrictions and are divided into temporary visas for the first stage of relations and permanent visas, which may be issued after 2 years of confirmed relationship. In case if you already have child (children) together, a permanent visa may be issued a little earlier.

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Australia Partner visa conditions

Partner visas – a comprehensive system of two-staged visas. Partner visa scheme for many potential migrants may seem the most affordable and fastest, however, it is under special control by the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Most visas require comprehensive evidence of the current and genuine relationship and very often a simple act of registering a marriage between partners is not enough. Migration officers of the Department of Home Affairs will check your intentions to continue the relationship, objectivity, and awareness of your decisions, guided by rules and regulations, as well as obvious logic.
  • One of the conditions for a spouse visa is sponsorship by an Australian partner, who agrees to provide financial support to the visa applicant for a certain time.
  • Partners must be adults, must not break the law, and also live together and not live separately on a permanent basis.
  • The sponsor’s criminal record must not contain any offenses related to domestic violence. The health status of the applicant must meet certain requirements.
  • The applicant has the opportunity to include his children in the visa application.


Confirmation of relationship when applying for a partner visa in Australia:

At the time of application, you are expected to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate an ongoing and genuine relationship. This evidence should show the development and period of your relationship. We understand that each and every relationship are different, therefore your evidence will be unique. There is a list of generic evidence to confirm the relationship (as an example) joint bank accounts, photographs and correspondence, joint mailing address and residential address, joint loans, and assets, common children, as well as recognition of your relations by your relatives and friends. When considering your application, additional evidence may be requested. Online relationships cannot be considered as satisfying the criteria.


The following categories of relationships are considered partners:

  • relationship for 12 months (de facto)
  • officially registered marriage
  • officially registered civil relations (allowed in some states of Australia)
  • same-sex relationships for 12 months, registered or not


Partner Visa consideration time

The department processes applications for partner visas for a rather long time and, according to statistics, make up a review period of 11 to 28 months. To date, our internal statistics indicate that we were able to reduce the time for considering partner visa cases by 30% !!!

It is possible because of our rule of “decision-ready application”, which includes thorough comprehensive preparation of the entire case. Our cases are ready to get decisions for the officer, do not raise additional concerns, and do not entail the collection of missing information. 


There are the following visas for partners come to Australia:

Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300

A temporary visa for those who intend to enter into an official relationship with a partner who is a holder of a permanent residence visa / Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen. A mandatory requirement will be meeting each other at least once in real life, as well as the decision on the day of your wedding. After subclass 300 visa is granted, you will have to marry within 9 months and apply for an 820/801 partner visa. In this case, the government fees will be reduced to re-apply for a partner visa after marriage.

Partner visa subclass 309

A temporary partner visa that will allow you to make the transition to a permanent residence visa after 2 years from the date you apply. Simply providing a marriage certificate is not enough, you must have a proven genuine relationship with a permanent residence visa holder, an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen of a certain category. Application is lodged from outside Australia.

Partner visa subclass 820

A temporary partner visa that will allow you to transit to a permanent residence visa after 2 years from the date you apply. You must have a proven genuine relationship with the holder of a permanent residence visa / Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Simply providing a marriage certificate is not enough. Documents are submitted from Australia and while you wait for a decision, you will receive a temporary Bridging visa A or BVA, which will give you full working rights and full Medicare health insurance.

Partner visa subclass 100 and Partner visa subclass 801

Permanent residency visas that can be applied for in Australia 2 years after the submission date for a temporary partner visa of subclass 309 or 820. In some cases, for example, in case of long-term relationship or common child, permanent visa 801 can be issued immediately after obtaining a temporary visa 820. In this case, you must have sufficient evidence of a continuing relationship with an Australian partner. A permanent visa will lead you to Australian citizenship.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa subclass 461 

A temporary visa for partners of New Zealand citizens. A visa is issued for 5 years, with no direct transition to a permanent visa. To apply for such a temporary partner visa, a proven genuine relationship is required. Simply providing marriage certificate is not enough. Application can be lodged from Australia or outside Australia. This visa can also be extended even when your relationship has ended.

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  • Under certain circumstances, you can get a permanent visa even if the relationship partner ended. Such exceptional cases may be a common child or the fact of domestic violence.
  • For same-sex couples, it is important to consider that marriages in another country may not be recognized in Australia as valid and documents must be submitted through civil relations or through another category.
  • Marriages between close relatives are prohibited, relationships are allowed no closer than with cousins.
  • In Australia, polygamy is prohibited. Such marriages will also be invalidated