Student Visas

Student visas are combining three large visa groups of students, guardians and people studying at the workplace.

According to official statistics, a lot of student visas are issued in Australia annually, including visas for school-age children, students of vocational and language courses, college and university students (undergraduate, graduate bachelor, master, and doctoral programs).

Australian student visas allow visa holders to stay, work and study alone or include an entire family in the application.

Education in Australia is considered very prestigious for international employment, and Degrees / Diplomas or Certificates from Australian universities open up many doors for graduates.

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How to choose the right educational course in Australia?

Depending on your further migration plans, I strongly recommend you carefully consider every single step in the process of applying for your student visa.

As you know, student and graduate visas are non-migration visas and do not provide a direct pathway to Australian permanent residence. However, these visas could potentially give you a lot of opportunities.

A student visa is a good option to make your migration case more solid, earn points or find an employer who will sponsor your working visa, but it is not a cheap option at all. That is why I encourage all potential students to plan in details their educational process in advance.

In the best scenario, every student visa candidate should consider several factors which will significantly affect the future migration pathway, such as the location of the educational provider and its rating, degree level and course of study, lists of occupations in demand, shortages of the chosen occupation in the regional labour market, English level and, of course, your priorities in professional career.

As part of a detailed individual consultation, I develop migration strategies for students and suggest training courses selected following clients’ requirements and all potential migration steps.

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The success of your migration in future depends on the depth, detailing and strategic planning of your student visa case!

The Australian student visa is one of the few in the world that gives both the student and the second (adult) visa holder working rights during the studying process. Moreover, the sooner you start working and gaining local experience in your occupation, the more favourable could be your future career and migration process.

Typically, employment rights depend on the type of visa and the educational course: from part-time for college/VET students (40 hours a fortnight during the semester and unlimited rights during holidays) to full unlimited work rights for masters (secondary applicants) and graduate students.

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Any applicant can become a student in Australia without restrictions on age, gender, religion, etc.

The main criteria for visa consideration by Department will be assessing you under Genuine Student requirement criteria that include assessment of your initial personal data (for example, education, age, level of English and previous work experience) with the course you are planning to attend as well as the country of your passport statistical data.

Sometimes GS could be necessary to provide education providers for enrollment. 

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  • A written statement from the student describing a genuine student statement (GS) and documentation to confirm the temporary stay (your connections to your home country, reasons to return).
  • A document confirming the level of language proficiency required by the education provider.
  • Financial support (bank statements from students and / or parents are accepted).
  • Confirmation of enrollment (COE).
  • Health insurance covered the full studying period.
  • Health check.
  • Biometric data collection (if the applicant is outside Australia, for certain countries).

Please note that as of March 23, 2024, the requirements for English language test results and the criteria for a Genuine Student have changed. You can find detailed information about these updates in our blog posts New requirement to be a genuine student and Student and Graduate English language requirements increase.
  • When preparing documents, you should be very accurate, genuine and logical in your arguments and statements.

  • One of the primary documents for assessment will be a written statement (GS) that future students will write in the English language. This document will contain all your arguments about your temporary stay in Australia and your intention to leave after completion of the course of study.

  • Please be coherent in your argumentations and try to avoid silly mistakes such as GS written in ideal English at the moment you are asking visa for ELICOS courses.

  • Checking documents the migration officers look at some non-obvious details, such as the country of your residence and your passport, the rating of the education provider and the kind of course, you are enrolled in. For example, if a provider has a high rating, an applicant could have a loyal assessment.

  • One of the main requirements for a Student visa is financial sufficient funds for living and studying in Australia, where you will need to provide evidence of financial viability. The amount of money required for confirmation changes almost every year (usually in July). You can always find the current required amount on the Department website.

  • The funds should be enough to cover the expenses of the student and, if necessary, of family members for 1 year of education. The estimated amount of money for international students in Australia you can find in my exclusive guide “Student visa costs“.

Student visas in Australia

Student visas can be a good option for a first entry to Australia for potential candidates of skilled migration.

Actually, your child may be able to obtain a Student visa (to study at school or college / university). This strategy could potentially be your (as a parent) first step to Australia to get a Parent visa in the future.

Yulia Moiseeva & Associates works with the largest educational agency in Australia and can enroll a student in ANY educational institution. We have never offer courses beneficial to us, together with you we choose the best course and the right provider that suites you and your personal migration case.

Student visa SC500 allows the visa holder to travel to Australia to study at school, college, university, and master’s and doctoral research for up to 5 years, including a high school exchange program.

If you would like to visit an intensive English course (ELICOS) but you have never been to Australia before, I would strongly recommend applying for a Visitor visa first to reduce the risk of visa refusal. Visitor visa SC600 holders can study for up to 3 months.

Student Guardian visa 590 allows one parent to stay with a child who has arrived on a student visa to study at school until the child turns 18 years old.
The parent will not have the right to work, the opportunity to apply for another visa, and also to leave Australia without the child.

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Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 does not belong to the group of student visas, however, only after graduation from an eligible educational program that meets the requirements, a student can apply for a graduate visa.

There are two types od Graduate visas that allow the visa holder to make his migration case more solid, earn additional points for the Point test or find an employer.

If you are interested in how to get a Graduate visa, please read my blog post.

Please be aware of upcoming changes to the Temporary Graduate Visa Program
We’re announcing major updates effective from 1 July 2024. Key changes include new age limits, renaming of visa subclasses, modifications to visa durations, and the closure of the Replacement Stream. For a detailed overview of all the changes and how they might affect your migration pathway, please read the dedicated article.

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