Student Visas

This group of visas, combining three large groups of students, guardians and people studying at the workplace. According to official statistics in Australia, more than 350,000 student visas are issued annually, including visas for school age children, students in special and language courses, college and university students (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs).

Education in Australia is considered very prestigious for international employment, and Degrees / Diplomas or Certificates from universities open up many doors for a graduate.

To date, the borders for entering Australia are OPEN, so you can look at the following programs and prepare for your successful migration with detailed further strategy, which includes a location to go to, course to study, and a long-term migration plan. Applicants are currently started studying online and student visa can be issued.

Student visas in Australia imply limited working rights (at least part-time, that is, 40 hours in two weeks), the ability to bring a partner / family. The number of working hours may vary depending on the type of visa and study program. If you begin to work when you started study and gain experience in the profession, this will positively affect your future career and, likely, the migration process.

Who can study in Australia

Any applicant can become a student in Australia without restrictions on age, gender, religion, etc. The main criteria for visa consideration by Department will be assessing you under Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria that includes assessment of your initial personal data (for example, education, age, level of English and previous work experience) with the course you are planning to attend as well as country of your passport statistical data.

How to get a Student visa to Australia

Depending on your further plans, it is wise to consider several factors, such as the location of the educational institution / rating and the training course level, lists of popular professions and the real demand in the regional labor market for the chosen profession, your level of English and, of course, your priorities for professional development.

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Student Visa Application Package for Australia

  • Written statement from student describing genuine temporary stay (GTE) and documentation to confrim temporary stay (your links to home country).
  • A document confirming the level of language proficiency required by the institution.
  • Financial support (bank statements from student and / or parents are accepted).
  • Admission documents to an educational institution.
  • Medical insurance for the entire period of study.
  • Health certificate.
  • Biometric data (if applicant is outside Australia, for certain countries).


Recommendations for an Australian Student Visa

When preparing documents, you should be very accurate, genuine and logical in your arguments and statements.

One of the primary documents for assessment will be written statement (GTE) that future student will write in English language. This document will contain all your arguments about your temporary stay in Australia and your intention to leave after completion of the course of study.

When checking documents, the immigration officer of the Department looks at some non-obvious aspects at first glance, which include your country of residence, the rating of the institution and the course you are enrolled in. For example, if educational institution has high rating, you as an applicant will have more loyal assessment. 

One of the main aspects will be confirmation of sufficient funds for living and studying in Australia, where you will need to provide evidence of financial viability. The amount of money required for confirmation changes almost every year (usually in July), and you can always find the current required amount for your visa on the Department website.

The funds should be enough to provide the student, as well as, if necessary, members of his family for 1 year of study.


Types of Educational Visas in Australia

Student visas subclass 500 allow the applicant to study at school, college, university (bachelor, master’s and doctoral studies) for up to 5 years. It also can be intensive English courses, as well as an exchange program for high school.

Student Guardian visa 590 allows one parent to stay with a child who has arrived on a student visa to study at school until the child turns 18 years old. The parent will not have the right to work, the opportunity to apply for another visa, and also to leave Australia without the child.

Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 does not belong to the group of student visas, however, only after completion of an eligible program of study that meets the requirements, a student can apply for a graduate visa.