Health exams for Australian visas

Australia offers one of the best health systems in the world and high medical assessment threshold for visas. To maintain these high standards, most visa applicants (both primary and dependents) must meet minimum health standards before visas will be granted.

You may be required to undergo medical examinations, which may include a medical examination with specific additional tests and chest X-Ray. 

For applicants aged 75 and over (at the time of the visa application) medical examination will be mandatory.

Whether you need medical examination, and what examinations you need will depend on:

  • the visa you are applying for
  • how long you plan to stay in Australia
  • what are you planning to do in Australia
  • the country you apply from
  • any special circumstances that might apply to you
  • whether you have any significant medical conditions that you may be diagnosed with. So extra medical tests may be applied additionally

You will have to lodge your visa in order to understand whether medical examination will be requested. If you receive the request for medical examination, it will state the list of examination required. Your individual HAP ID (unique identifier to book medical examination) will be indicated in the referral letter from the DOHA. You will be asked for this number when making an appointment for health examination at the clinic.

You can take medical tests at an accredited clinic only. I recommend that you find the clinic closest to you in advance and explore / understand any associated costs.

In Australia, medical examinations are provided by dedicated migration medical services provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services

Some countries may not have an accredited clinic at all in the country and you will have to arrange travelling to the nearest possible country for the purpose of medical appointment, that will be extra costs to your budget and planning for the trip.

Please note that if medical examination is required, visa applicant will have to satisfy those requirements for the visa to be granted.

Moreover, medical examinations are valid for 12 months since the date of completion. If you ever completed medicals before and the completion date passed 12 months, you will have to arrange new medicals.

After your health examinations, the panel physician, who examines you, will send all the results to the Department of Home Affairs and makes a recommendation whether you meet the Australian health requirements. You will never see your results.

The health criterion is very serious for obtaining a visa. A visa may not be issued if the applicant’s health condition result in a significant cost to the community or prevent Australian citizens from accessing health care or community services which are in short supply.

Please pay attention that medical issues should be always considered choosing your migration pathway.

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