Our Team

My name is Yulia Moiseeva and I am a Principal and Senior Registered Migration Practitioner (MARN 1066715) at “Yulia Moiseeva & Associates”.

I have established my company in 2010 to assist people from overseas and those who are in Australia to change their life to a better one, to relocate and settle in Australia stress-free and to contribute to this beautiful country and community.

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Our Cases

I help hundreds of people move to Australia every year by choosing the most comfortable and the most efficient way for each of our clients to get their permanent residency.⠀

The “Yulia Moiseeva & Associates” company follows my personal values, such as accountability for each decision we take, a structured and systematic approach to running the business, well-governed processes, as well as respectful relationships with our clients.

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Our Prices

At “Yulia Moiseeva & Associates”, we have tailored and individual approach to each of our clients, therefore we do not follow the lowest pricing strategy in the immigration profession. We are not following mass market strategy, our motto is highest quality, not quantity.

“Win-win” situation is exactly my mission. Through deep understanding and thorough planning of migration strategies I make my clients’ successful transition to Australia.

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Why Do Migrants Choose Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular countries among migrants from around the world. Australia is valued for safety, stability, and a high level of living. Education in Australia does not fall below the second position in the global ranking, and Melbourne has been recognized as the best city in the world for at least 5 times!
All these characteristics allow us to argue that Australia is perhaps the best country to live in. Would you like to know more?

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Frequent Asked Questions

Immigration processes always has specific information, criteria, important aspects that are not as easy to navigate. Every small thing can make a big difference!

However, there are the most frequently asked questions about the different types of visas or documents required, strategic planning for immigration for yourself and the whole family, where to start in your migration journey.

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