Express consultation (30 min)

We highly recommend this type of consultation for people who have an urgent question or need an expert assessment of a specific situation that occurred as a result of changes of migration law that affect your already developed strategy.

Express consultation is designed to discuss your migration matter briefly and give you professional advice from highly experienced migration agent!

What to expect from a consultation with a migration agent?

Yulia Moiseeva will contact you on booked date and time to discuss all your migration queries, your phone conversation will be approximately 30 min long. You can prepare a notepad or recording device to capture all important points.

Please note WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ANY REVIEW of documents or draft application during any of our consultations!

It is 30 mins phone consultation, with brief summary written response to be provided within 14 days after consultation (in English). You will not receive a detailed questionnaire, but you have an opportunity to submit your questions or describe your case in advance on the booking form. We highly recommend doing it!

We also suggest you check out our latest video. It will help you pinpoint the right consultation for your specific needs, guide you in selecting the ideal time for it, and how to prepare for the consultation effectively to maximize the benefits of your consultation!

How to get migration advice?

  1. Please feel free to click the link below to jump to our booking system. Please choose the right time zone to see the adjusted schedule.
  2. Once you choose the day and time, you are able to complete the form with contact information and your questions.
  3. Pay consultation fees through the electronic payment system Stripe. 
  4. After payment, you will instantly receive an email with a booking confirmation. Please let us know if you don’t receive any further confirmation.

!!! Our fees are non-refundable. You will be able to reschedule your consultation in case you cannot attend the originally booked date.

You also can book 60 mins strategic consultation

A detailed individual consultation always includes the development of a migration strategy for you, your partner, children, or your entire family and for your parents, if applicable. This consultation will be helpful to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia or who is already onshore.