Australian visas for our clients: February – March 2024

Guys, the sheer volume of work and fascinating cases keeps us busy, but we always find time to share our triumphs with you.

In February and March, we secured over 50 positive visa outcomes for our applicants and their families. You know I’m all about transparency; I never shy away from sharing the less successful attempts. But these past months, we’ve seen in our Immi Account approved visas only, even those that involved risks.

I’m convinced that our robust and steady results, despite the ever-evolving migration laws, are a testament to my team’s solid professionalism. We take on the responsibility of essentially shaping our clients’ futures very seriously.

Below, we’ll share some of our recent client cases. There you’ll find the case circumstances, visa processing times, occupations, and points for skilled visas/invitations.

Skilled Visas

It’s a pleasure to be actively securing visas and invitations for our applicants for points-tested skilled visas. We’ve been patiently awaiting for this moment to celebrate together!

Learn more about the opportunities for migration through skilled visa pathway in my free guide:

Employer sponsored Visas

There’s a plenty of sponsored visas this time under different occupations.

Together with my team, I’ve prepared a free guide “How to Find a Job in Australia”. You can download it from Immi School Online:

To motivate you, I would like to remind you that right now, you have the chance to secure a job if your occupation is on the occupation list, and you are able to get permanent residency after two years of working for the same employer under a temporary visa SC482. The lists may change soon, and many popular occupation could be removed. So, I urge you to act right now, starting from sending your CV and preparing for the English exam!

For a more detailed overview, check out my posts:

OMG! Consultation on absolutely new skilled occupations list!

Game-changing day for visa 482 holders

Partner Visas

These months have been fruitful for partner visas, though not all were processed too quick as we expected.

Various factors can influence the processing time. Sometimes, the officer just wants to verify the genuineness of your relationship.


By the way, you can self-assess your case for a partner visa. Simply download my free guide:

Student Visas

The number of student visas is not too many. A lot of educational providers are being careful about enrolling potential students due to recent changes.

If you or your children are considering education in Australia, download my free guide. It includes several estimated costs for different courses and numbers of applicants.

Visitor Visas

As we’ve discussed before, Australia welcomes tourists all year round! In fact, you can travel non-stop across the continent, choosing regions with weather conditions that suit you at any time.

We invite everyone who is considering Australia for future relocation or education for themselves or their children to start from visiting this wonderful country. During your visit here as a tourist, you can pick an educational institution, choose a city to live in, meet business partners, find a job, or get to know your future partner’s family.

Find more information on how to obtain a Visitor Visa SC600 in my online course (in Russian only), where you’ll find detailed instructions for filling in the application form and templates for all necessary documents.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I truly treasure and enjoy when our clients return to us for further visas, visas for their relatives and loved ones, and eventually, for citizenship. My inner perfectionist celebrates those moments because the loyalty of our clients says more than words!

Ministerial Intervention

Exclusive case:

Our cliens with multiple extensions of a temporary sponsored visa, 10 attempts at passing English, followed by a refusal from the department and even from the tribunal!

The client came to us, and in 12 months, we secured a positive ministerial decision.

And just a reminder, for over 13 years, we have successfully managed all types of visas except for refugee visas:

– Visitor Visas

– Student Visas and Graduate Visas

– Working Visas (sponsored)

– Skilled Visas (points-based)

– Business Visas (which are scarce this year)

– Parent Visas

– Partner Visas and Prospective Marriage Visas

– Talent Visas

– And other rarer and incredibly interesting ones!

Thank you, dear clients, and followers, for your trust! Stay with us to ensure your migration to Australia is smooth and successful!

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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