Consultation on the absolutely new skilled occupations list

Dear friends,

Significant changes are on the horizon of skilled migration, and I can’t stay silent any longer! I want you to be aware and be prepared for everything in advance before the Department announces them at the end of 2024.

So, find a comfortable position and let’s discuss the DOHA’s plans to restructure occupation lists. The new organization, Jobs and Skills Australia, has been appointed as the main regulator for this matter.

According to the migration strategy published on 11 December 2023, the Australian government will replace the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa with a new Skills in Demand (SID) visa, which will include three pathways:

  1. The Specialist Skills Pathway is designed to attract top-tier highly skilled professionals with high salaries of over AUD 135,000, such as those in the technology or green energy industries. Jobs and Skills Australia will provide a special labour market analysis for this pathway.
  2. The Core Skills Pathway will address Australia’s targeted workforce needs with an improved and regularly updated Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL), please refer to a couple of paragraphs below.
  3. The Essential Skills Pathway, with salaries below AUD 70,000, is potentially focused on regional areas and programs like DAMA and other labour agreements. For this pathway, Jobs and Skills Australia will offer advice on occupations and sectors.

Additionally, the Department promises to streamline labour market testing (a mandatory procedure for employer sponsored visa nomination) and the visa processing in general.

Let’s learn more about the new Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL). Following a fundamentally new methodology based on research into Australia’s labor market, Jobs and Skills Australia has developed the draft CSOL for the Department and the Australian government. The document consists of three groups: occupations to stay on the list, occupations to be off the list, and occupations targeted for consultation. 

All these lists you may find on the official website of Jobs and Skills Australia.

For now, I have two pieces of news for you, guys!

The bad one first. There are too many occupations to be off the list my office is working with on a daily basis, such as ICT Project Manager, Cafe or Restaurant Manager, Hair or Beauty Salon Manager, ICT Customer Support Officer, and Community Worker.

A good one is much better! This document is not a final decision, nor is it even a draft for a new occupation list or a recommendation to the Department – it’s simply a document for consultation purposes only… Honestly, I have more questions than answers about it.

So, you might be wondering, “Yulia, what’s the next step? What should we do?”

I’ve got you covered with a few suggestions:

  • For those of you who are considering Australia’s skilled migration pathway, who’ve passed English tests and are ready to start a skill assessment, but then spot your occupation on the “targeted for consultation” or “to be off” lists, my advice is to pause the process until we will get official updates. So you don’t waste your time and money on getting your skills assessment if the occupation might be removed from the list later.
  • If you’re dreaming of studying in Australia and building your career here, you should pay attention to the occupations that are in “to stay on” list.
  • If you already in Australia and have a good chance to get a sponsorship under 482 visa, but find your occupation is tagged in “targeted for consultation” or “to be off” lists,” it’s wise to act promptly. Don’t worry, Permanent Residency visa 186TR is not dependent on these lists, and you may smoothly transit from temporary to permanent status.

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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