Welcome back Independent visa SC 189!

Today I would like to talk about a visa, which many migration agents (actually myself too) have already said goodbye during pandemic period. It was unfair! This year the Independent Skilled Visa SC189 will be available to 16,000 applicants, nearly three times more than in previous years.

The first round of invitations has just recently happened. This round has not been officially announced in advance, but my comprehensive approach to clients’ cases usually covers all available options.

Guys, I have very good news for you!

For the first time in a while, we received an invitation for visa SC189 for our client.
More data of this case: 80 points, occupation Nurse, onshore, EOI submitted on August 2022.

We have analysed the public information.

You can find some statistics for the first invitation round (August 2022) of visa SC 189 below:

  • 65 points, Electrician General
  • 65 points, Registered nurse nec (onshore)
  • 65 points, General Mechanic
  • 70 points, Physiotherapist (offshore)
  • 75 points, Chef (onshore)
  • 75 points, Engineering Manager
  • 75 points, Electrical Engineering Technician (offshore)
  • 75 points, Aged Care RN
  • 80 points, General Medical Practitioner
  • 80 points, RN surgical
  • 80 points, Chef
  • 80 points, Engineering Manager (offshore)
  • 85 points, University Lecturer (onshore)
  • 85 points, Secondary teacher

Let me remind you about improved conditions of our special offer!
Post-paid migration agent services are now available for applicants for any skilled visas 189/190/491.