Special offer for State and Territory sponsored visa applicants

Dear friends and future Australians!

Since the first day of the new financial year, all states and territories are updating requirements for nominating candidates for Australian state / territories sponsorship.


In this article, I would like to remind you of my SPECIAL OFFER
for State and Territory sponsored visa applicants!

With Yulia Moiseeva & Associates you will prepare all documents, complete submission letters, and register your interest for FREE!

You will pay professional migration assistance fees ONLY AFTER your State / Territory nomination will be approved!


How does it work?

  1. Just contact and we discuss your migration matter, assess your case, chances and opportunities.
  2. You sign a contract and send us all essential documents for your sponsorship then my team will start working on your case.
  3. We prepare your entire case, supporting it with solid evidence for requirements of the state or territory.
  4. We prepare a decision-ready submission letter, to showcase it for the officer!
  5. You receive a nomination and invitation from a State or Territory to apply for a visa.
  6. Attention! Only after this moment, you should pay migration agent professional fees!!!
  7. We lodge all documents to ImmiAccount and we wait together for your visa to be granted!

Please remember that mostly ONSHORE candidates have the opportunity to apply for State or Territory sponsored visas SC 190 and 491.


Please email me to start work with us


For candidates who are currently overseas in Australia and planning their migration, I recommend you to get a free assessment of your migration chances!