Our Special Offer! Post-payment migration agent services

The new Australian migration program 2022-2023 features the return of offshore skilled candidates to visas and state nomination processing!

One more good news is the increased quotas for both state-sponsored visas SC 190 and 491 and the most desirable skilled independent visa subclass 189.


The cherry on this cake is …


NEW EXTENDED CONDITIONS OF OUR SPECIAL POST-PAYMENT OFFER FOR SKILLED APPLICANTS located both offshore and onshore who can pay for the services of a migration agent only after receiving an invitation to apply for a visa from the Department.


You pay for positive results only!


Please make sure you meet the following requirements before you apply for the special offer:

  • Have a valid skills assessment
  • Have a valid certificate of any English exam at least 7777 IELTS band or equivalent
  • May qualify for any of the skilled visas 189 / 190 / 491


If you do not qualify enough but are very close to the above requirements, please email me at and describe your case.


How does the post-paid special offer work?

  1. You contact me by email at, send your certificates, and we briefly discuss your case, and assess your chances and opportunities.
  2. We arrange a strategic consultation* to verify your documents and develop a migration pathway suitable for your individual case.
  3. You sign a contract and send us all essential documents then my team will start working on your case.
  4. We prepare your entire case with solid evidence following the requirements of the Department, state, or territory.
  5. We prepare a decision-ready submission letter, to showcase to the officer!
  6. You receive a nomination/invitation from a State/Territory or Department to apply for a visa.
  7. And only after this stage, you should pay the migration agent professional fees following our contract! At this stage, the cost of the paid strategic consultation is deducted from the contract total price.
  8. We lodge all documents to ImmiAccount and we wait together for your visa to be granted!



Are you interested in this offer?

Please send your applications and valid certificates to



* Strategic planning within the detailed consultation is an important stage of skilled migration; it includes a clear analysis of your particular case and the migration pathway development to assume the process and timeframe, financial estimates, and available future options.

Strategic Advice is a personal service for professionals who are looking for a better life in Australia for themselves and their families.