Prioritised visa processing for offshore applicants

The Department announced the measures introduced to reduce the time it takes to finalise visa applications. For example, the number of staff processing applications was increased, and DOHA will continue to bring more staff on board to perform this critical work to focus on offshore visas to bring more people for traveling to Australia.

Moreover, updated priorities and current deadlines for processing visa applications were updated.

  1. Priority processing is focused on on-hand applications lodged by people outside of Australia, including temporary skilled, student and visitor visas. This is to make sure more people can travel to Australia to fill the critical skill shortages across the country.

  2. Visa processing times are published on our website as new data is available. In this post you will find a few data from November 2022 that may surprise you. However, processing times vary for different visas, it does not guarantee your application will be finalised within this timeframe.
  • 25% of applications: 74 Days
  • 50% of applications: 80 Days
  • 75% of applications: 88 Days
  • 90% of applications: 3 Months
  • 25% of applications: 6 Months
  • 50% of applications: 7 Months
  • 75% of applications: 11 Months
  • 90% of applications: 15 Months
  • 25% of applications: 6 Months
  • 50% of applications: 7 Months
  • 75% of applications: 11 Months
  • 90% of applications: 15 Months

Visa Category

Applied in Australia

Applied outside Australia

Skilled (Permanent)

7 Months

6 Months

Partner (First Stage)

9 Months

10 Months

Skilled (Temporary)

46 Days

28 Days


4 Months

16 Days


87 Days

Less than 1 Day

Working Holiday Maker

1 Day

Less than 1 Day

There is some advice to improve your visa’s processing time:

  • you have to submit an application with all necessary supporting documents. Use the checklists available at ImmiAccount to make sure you attach all required documents
  • you have to lodge an online or paper application. Applying online helps streamline processing
  • respond quickly to requests for more information

More reasons could impact on your visa processing:

  • how long it takes DOHA to perform the required checks
  • how long it takes to receive information from external agencies, particularly relating to health, character and national security requirements
  • how many places are available in the migration program for permanent visa applications
  • complexity of cases
  • changes to the volume of applications
  • changes to Ministerial Directions.​

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