Top 5 Mistakes of Australian Student Visa Applicant

Gday for all prospective students, schoolers, and their parents! This post is FOR YOU, but hopefully not ABOUT YOU because today we will go through the 5 most common mistakes that may significantly impact the Department officer’s outcome of your student visa application.

So, today you will learn what you must consider if you want to come to Australia on a student visa. I particularly recommend paying attention to my advice for those who plan to stay in this wonderful country for long time.

Irrelevant course

I’ll start with heavy stuff right away. When choosing educational course you should keep in mind some important factors: your previous experience and education, your future plans, Australia’s migration program, the skilled occupation lists, university requirements for students, and much more, including the cost of education.

Correct course selection, guys, is just a half the battle!

Irrelevant background

Once again, when choosing an educational course in Australia, if you want to change your career, you need to consider your current job and even hobbies. For example, if you have been working in the beauty industry for 10 years but suddenly decided to come to Australia to become a business analyst, then your GTE will likely raise some questions for the officer. Always think how you will justify a career change.

No Strategy and no plans

No matter if you want to get visa quickly and arrive to Australia tomorrow, it is essential to take a time beforehand, to do your homework – calculate each next step and a couple of alternative options. Money, housing, transport, schools/kindergartens for children, and, most importantly, your job! Strategy is your starting point!

Poor English

Want to save time and money by not taking a preliminary English course as a part of package with the main educational course? Start learning English right now.

I won’t lie; even with a good English, migration won’t be easy, but English will allow you to find a job and friends faster, make the studying process and settlement simpler.

High financial burden

High cost of living is on the students, and there is not only thousands payment for the educational course. Students with families need to provide school for children, and the cost of daycare is about $150 per day.

The most difficult thing is essential health insurance; it needs to be paid upfront in full before applying for a visa. Download our free guide with cost calculations to plan your financial burden wisely.

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