Migration variables

The Department requirements for different visa applicants could vary depending on economic needs, as well as, of course, Government priorities.

Sometimes changes cannot be predicted (as happened with the pandemic), but, most often, we observe trends, law, and regional developments and can generally predict the further changes.

As I said before, please never trust agents who guarantee you a positive result and permanent residency visa, because changes cannot always favorably affect the migration opportunities of applicants.

Today I want to tell you what happens if the migration rules suddenly change and give you a couple of very sharp examples.

Case #1

This client contacted me when his graduate visa was going to expire. Their educational agent, as usual, offered to study again, but I was against it and recommended to apply for state sponsorship (South Australia).

The visa was about to expire, so we applied for a 408 visa (covid stream) to have enough time to collect and submit documents properly.

The client was working as an English teacher (ELICOS school), but at that time (2020-2021 financial year), the requirements of the state were very high, for example, the salary of the applicant should be much higher than average.

We provided a letter from the school (Australian wide provider), evidence of working with innovative technologies, of course, a comprehensive submission letter, but the state refused EOI for 190 permanent visa and even for a 491 temporary regional visa.

We were super sad. The client again started considering education, but I insist on a short 4-week break.

July 2021 came and brought us a new skilled occupation list and new state requirements for 2021-2022 year. The situation instantly changed in favour of the client!

Voila! 1 month we receive an invitation for a 190 visa, and I was pleased to send granted visa to client after another 6 months!



Case #2

During the pandemic, we started processing a Prospective Marriage visa SC300. Many applicants had doubts at that moment, but we submitted the documents.

The Department started reviewing the visa and sent a warning letter that the visa would be processed longer than usual.

In order to speed up the process and bring the future spouse to Australia, the sponsor decided to leave Australia, get married in spouse country and convert the Prospective marriage visa into Partner visa while it is processing.

The sponsor took break at work, suspended the rental agreement, received permission to leave Australia (you remember these requirements?!), bought expensive flight tickets and …. two days before departure, circumstances change dramatically – the Department changed its mind and granted Prospective Marriage visa.

Both clients and myself, of course, were shocked. However, we decided to follow the plan, the sponsor left Australia and lived with future spouse for a couple of months to collect evidence of the relationship in order to apply for a travel exemption to bring their future spouse together with him to Australia.

Do you think they got it? No!

And a week later, after another appeal to the Department, I received the news that the rules had changed again. At that point, Prospective Marriage visa holders were finally allowed to enter Australia.

As people say, you never know where you will find, where you will lose!

Our task is to do everything possible to achieve the best and desired result!

We still have a special offer for state-sponsored visa applicants – you have to pay for the agent’s services only when you get your nomination, before you apply for a visa.

Let me remind you that we offer only fixed fee for migration services, so you don’t have to pay extra for additional applications, letters or responses to requests from the Department.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at

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