Lawyer vs Migration agent. Which one should I choose?

As of the 22nd of March 2021, Australian lawyers can work with migration law without a relevant migration license (OMARA).

The question is should you choose a lawyer or migration agent to deal with your visa related matters?

Let’s explore!….

Lawyers are professionals that undergo practical legal training and protect the rights and laws of the citizens. The lawyers’ specialization is the broad legal help. Also, lawyers must be licensed.

Lawyers intending to provide migration assistance will receive their own unique identification number, called the Law Practitioner Number (LPТ) in November 2021. Using this number everybody can to determine their experience and the legitimacy of their migration services.

On the other hand, registered migration agents specialize only in migration law, narrowing the industry to particular topics. To become a migration agent, you have to graduate Australian Migration Law, maintain a professional library, and complete professional development hours to stay up to date with the continuously evolving industry. Each agent has its own MARN number and you can check its status at any time.

Immigration is often a very long, complex, and strategic process that requires inside knowledge of the industry. Given that lawyers don’t have to obtain relevant legislation to work with migration law, their knowledge might not be as relevant as those who are in the industry and constantly upskilling. 

Professional lawyers with good education and reputation cost a lot of money. Their job is to handle very complicated cases and sort out serious problems. On the other hand, immigration agents, like lawyers, have the right to defend you before the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. Nevertheless, a migration agent’s license costs less than a lawyer’s license, and accordingly, their services will be cheaper.

Hiring a professional to handle your immigration matters is already a good idea. It’s totally up to you to decide which professional will be the best choice. Our suggestion is to do your research, read reviews and get a consultation before the commitment!

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