Express VS strategic consultation for migration to Australia

I did not expect it, but I still receive questions from potential migrants like “Which consultation should I choose?” I would like to remind you today, so please, prepare your case and find your perfect match!

First of all, I should say that there is a significant difference in price between express and detailed consultation. The most important thing is, of course, the depth of your case study:

– in a detailed consultation, you complete a very detailed questionnaire about yourself, your partner / spouse, and your background, and describe your preferences and opportunities, we can request additional documents. Based on the questionnaire, we develop a roadmap (or even several scenarios) for you and discuss / correct everything in detail when you call.

– in an express consultation, you ask us specific questions and get specific answers to them, without a deep study of your case. Such a consultation is suitable for people who do not need a strategy (usually partners, parents or tourists) or already have it, but circumstances (personal, external or legislation) force them to reconsider some details.

For your convenience, I have organized a comparison table below.
If you still find difficulties to choose the right one, please feel free to ask me question. 





30 mins

60 mins


English and Russian

English and Russian

Preliminary information

Case description

Detailed questionnarie and your documents

Additional questions

Yes, during the consultation on both sides

Yes, during the consultation on both sides

Written answer

Summary of conversation

Detailed strategy/strategies to achieve PR

Language of written answer




1-10 days

1-4 weeks

Urgent consultations

By request

By request

Weekend consultations



Checking your visa application and documents for self-lodgement



Questions suitable for this consultation


  • General questions about specific visa
  • General visa eligibility questions
  • Visa conditions have changed
  • Visa expires
  • Transition to another visa
  • How to leave a partner in Australia
  • How to leave a parent in Australia
  • Visa refusal


  • What oсcupation to choose
  • Which visa to choose
  • How to get permanent residence
  • What educational course to choose
  • If you have a ban on applying for a visa
  • How to change employer being on a sponsored visa


  • A graduate on a visa SC485 found out about the visa extension and needs to know if he is eligible.
  • A parent on a Visitor visa and his children are looking for a visa options for him to stay in Australia
  • A student with a partner who is studying VET courses, stuck and cannot transit to another visa, but their goal is to obtain permanent residence

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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