Strategic Detailed Consultation (60 min)

The first thing you will encounter when deciding to move to Australia is the need for an objective assessment of the available migration options and strategic planning to obtain a Permanent Residency visa as soon as possible.

A detailed individual consultation always includes the development of a migration strategy for you, your partner, children, or your entire family and for your parents, if applicable.

This consultation will be helpful to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia or who is already onshore. During the consultation, you will be able to get a complete overview of your options, determine the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable migration pathway, you will understand options to reach permanent residency, as well as clarify all questions that may appear before, during, or after the consultation.

Within every detailed consultation, individual migration strategies are developed for you, describing solutions to your case and outlining each recommended step.

We also suggest you check out our latest video. It will help you pinpoint the right consultation for your specific needs, guide you in selecting the ideal time for it, and how to prepare for the consultation effectively to maximize the benefits of your consultation!

The reason why we do not offer a free strategic consultation is the time we dedicate to each case. We analyse documents, look at suitable visa options, and prepare a written summary for you, which you can use as a “road map” for your migration path. 

!!! We do not give you templated answers, we consider each situation individually.

Please note WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ANY REVIEW of documents or draft applications during any of our consultations!

How to get a migration strategy?

Detailed consultation of Yulia Moiseeva & Associates consists of several stages:

  • Follow the link, set your time zone, and book a consultation at a convenient time for you. Read carefully and agree to the terms & conditions
  • Pay consultation fees through the electronic payment system Stripe. 100% prepayment.

!!! Our fees are non-refundable. You will be able to reschedule your consultation in case you cannot attend the originally booked date.

  • You will receive a confirmation email, as well as a questionnaire for completion

!!! If you have not received the questionnaire, please check the spam folder in your email or contact us! If you cannot open the questionnaire, please carefully read and follow the instructions emailed to you.

  • Please make sure you submit your completed questionnaire at least 2 days before the consultation to allow us to have time to review the information provided.
  • On the booked day and time, we will contact you to discuss your matter. 
  • Please allocate 60 minutes for consultation, where I provide you with comprehensive information on your case, and also answer all your questions.

!!! The consultation may also be attended together with your partners, spouses, or parents.

  • I will prepare and send you written strategic advice by email after consultation, based on all oral information, any additional circumstances, provided during consultation, and the questionnaire completed for assessment.

!!! Please be aware, that you may expect to receive written responses within 14 days after consultation (in English only).

To book the initial consultation and assess your options to migrate to Australia, please click the button below.

To make strategic consultation more efficient,
I strongly recommend for a student, skilled, or employer sponsored visa applicants
to obtain English test results PRIOR to booking a consultation.

You also can book 30 mins express consultation

Choose the right direction for migration to Australia, clarify changes in migration law, correct the migration strategy you currently follow, or solve many more issues.