Australian permanent visa benefits

I bet you, 99% of my followers and clients are here to obtain permanent residence in Australia at the end of the migration period. While the issue of obtaining citizenship for many is more acute due to restrictions, for example, it requires to give up the first citizenship in order to obtain an Australian one, permanent residence does not require this and you can freely use (almost) all the benefits of Australia without a twinge of conscience.

What exactly does Australian permanent residence give to a holder of a permanent visa?
Let’s figure it out together!

You can work, travel, study and simply enjoy the Australian lifestyle without time or location restrictions.

Two points:

  • If you are a 190 visa holder, you agree to live in the state that selected and nominated you for 2 years.
  • Any permanent visa is issued for 5 years, after which you need to apply for citizenship or obtain the next resident return visa, for example, for another 5 years.

You can work anywhere and for as long as you want, open your own business or be an individual entrepreneur.

The exception will be the state and military service, where only Australian citizens can work.

You will be able to receive state support for partial payment of the tuition cost. Since this is a partial grant, it is not a loan and you do not have to repay it.

Usually, such support is provided only for “pre-professional” education, but some organizations work at the “professional” level. In any case, you should check if your educational course is subsidized and if you meet the academic requirements of the course.

A permanent resident can join Australia’s National Health System, which provides access to health services at no or reduced cost, including: doctor and specialist visits, and prescription medications.

When purchasing real estate, permanent residents have the same rights as Australian citizens. Unlike temporary residents, permanent residents are not subject to the foreign investment restriction when special permission is required to purchase.

Permanent Residents can apply for a First Home Owners Grant (new housing only). Each state has its own conditions for a grant, which is 10-20 thousand Australian dollars.

Permanent residents may bring parents or legally permitted relatives for temporary or permanent residency. In addition, each permanent resident can sponsor up to 2 partners/spouses from abroad.

Permanent resident in Australia may become a citizen of this country where he/she has lived in Australia for a certain period of time and meets the requirements (look for information about this in the selection of articles about citizenship). Citizens by conferral have the same rights as citizens by birth and an Australian passport.

If at least one of the parents is a permanent resident, the child automatically acquires Australian citizenship and all the privileges of a citizen.


I wrote earlier about the AMEP English program for adults, which operates without restrictions until the student reaches a sufficient level of language proficiency to allow him to assimilate and live comfortably in Australia.

Exceptional benefits for Australian citizens

  • Australian passport
  • the right to vote
  • student loan
  • military service
  • work for the government
  • the right to enter and leave Australia without restrictions

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