Free English lessons for adults in Australia AMEP

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

It is a free English language education program for adult migrants that has helped 50,000-60,000 people with poor English to improve their skills and settle in Australia for over 70 years.

As part of the latest Government’s changes, any member of the program, even if you’ve enrolled in AMEP before and have been living in Australia for many years, have access to unlimited number of English classes until they reach vocational English (even if the previous limit of 510 hours was exhausted).

Who is eligible for AMEP:

  • Holder of a permanent visa
  • Holder of a eligible temporary visa (partner, child, skilled, regional working, humanitarian)
  • Australian citizen, former permanent or specific temporary visa holder
  • Dependent visa holders from 18 years old (sometimes from 15-17).


If you have children under school age, AMEP also provides free childcare services while you are in full-time class. AMEP provider will endeavour to arrange for your child in a day care center that is no more than 30 minutes from your home or AMEP provider. However, this is not always possible, because the number of places in kindergartens is often limited and the demand for them is high.

For migrants receiving Centrelink payments, learning English in the AMEP may meet some or all of your mutual obligation requirements.​

AMEP operates in approximately 300 locations in Australia in major cities, as well as in regional and remote areas. Obviously, knowing English will help you work, make friends and start a new life in Australia.

A VERY useful service for migrants of all ages from all over the world! Do you agree?

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