Your «Citizen» goals

Australian citizenship is the primary goal for many migrants who come to Australia under various migration programs. 

Acquiring status of Australian citizen allows you to have the same rights and privileges as any other Australian citizen, including the right to vote, work in the Australian Government Service or the Defence Force, and obtain and use an Australian passport. Citizens who have been granted citizenship on application have the same responsibilities as other Australian citizens, including serving on a jury and defending Australia if necessary.

As a citizen, you must always leave and enter Australia on an Australian passport, and visa-free travel to 180+ countries of the world is always open for you! Australia allows dual citizenship and you can use your second passport to travel to other countries.

Please note that if you applied for Australian citizenship and then left Australia, you will need to return back to continue processing your application. You can specify the expected return date or confirm the date of your return (e.g. airline ticket, employment contract, rental agreement). If the expected date of your return is unknown, or you intend to remain outside Australia for an extended period of time, your case may be subject to further scrutiny: the law requires the applicant to convince the Department that applicant can or will continue to live in Australia, or to support close and ongoing relationship with Australia if the application is approved.

Australian citizenship is the final step in the migration strategy that we develop for our clients through personal consultations. Even if you are just thinking about migration, a consultation and a well-prepared strategy will allow you to act with confidence and not waste time. Book consultation to discuss your matters!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at office@yuliamoiseeva.com.au.

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