Why I don’t offer discоunts

During one of the last consultations, a potential client asked how to get a discount. In response, he received a list of actual specials and gladly accepted post-payment option for state sponsorship visa and associated processes.

And I decided to tell you about one more principle guided in business: any work must be appreciated and paid! In other words, even in economically difficult times…

I do not reduce prices or offer discounts. Why?

Because now, when it is even more difficult to bring applicants to Australia, my team is preparing even more information to make each case as successful as possible. Yes, this is more work on each project, but we still provide high-quality service and do not lower our internal standards.

For example, when working with partners, when we apply for exemption to travel permit, we never give up until a positive decision is reached – although exemption application is another big separate case that requires a substantial evidence base.

We work for the result, exploring EVERY case from all possible sides.

You know, my business has a soul! I personally provide support to clients in moments of joy and sadness, or even frustration, I help with advice, kind words, inspiring them, for example, to take one more English exam attempt.

In addition, I keep a close eye on high standards:

  • no document is submitted without my review,
  • prompt response to any client request (according to the standard it is 48 hours, but in fact it is much faster),
  • each client always has the opportunity to contact me personally,
  • automation of routine processes in order to pay more attention to individual client solutions and communications,
  • we use veeeeery convenient software to provide the client with maximum awareness of all the processes in migration case.



Therefore, guys, there will be no discounts! And there will be constant process improvements, increased expertise and a significant reduction in visa processing time!

Join us for high quality migration with a human face! Hug for everyone!

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