Why do you pay migration agent?

So you’ve decided to change your life and migrate to Australia.

Great choice! The question is should you hire a registered migration agent or do it all yourself?

You can apply for most Australian visas without any help of a registered migration agent. You can go to, gather all necessary documents and lodge an application. However, you have to be ready for a long, costly and complicated visa process without any guarantees. You put it all in, with no room for mistake.

Immigration and visa are very complex process that requires a good strategy as a start, huge knowledge and precise sequence of actions. You can spend your precious time and money with no expected results.

Should you risk it all?

Let’s explore the benefits of working with an agent.

  • Registered migration agents (RMA) are qualified professionals with an appropriate license. They constantly study and always stay tuned with all the immigration rules and updates, sometimes receiving tons of new updates / legislation news weekly
  • RMA know more information than is simply available on the internet, by getting special government emails and updates.
  • RMA are responsible for the information they provide in the application / supporting documents. Reputation and license are on the line. That’s why responsible agents always provide only genuine / correct and honest information. Department is well aware of that and trusts registered migration agents more than individuals.
  • Highly skilled RMA works with many different circumstances and visas. This experience allows them to have a personalized approach to every scenario. A comprehensive knowledge helps to create an individual strategy rather than offering the same approach for everyone.
  • There are many different circumstances, starting from personal situation to government updates. We have fixed fees for each kind of project and we won’t try to charge you more because of changes. Instead, we will try to change the strategy to make sure we will get the desired result.

A strategic approach is crucial for all migration processes, and mistakes can cost money and time.

Now, you have all the information to make the right choice. We hope you’ll think wisely! Best of luck!

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