Why do you need a consultation before you start your migration process?

Let’s take a look at another frequently asked question today, guys!

After reading this post, you will understand why I strongly recommend you consider an initial consultation and then with the agent decide on subsequent steps.

That consultation is necessary for everyone thinking about a long-term visa or permanent residence in Australia because there is a clear relationship between decisions you made and the following steps. Please, believe me, I have confirmed this correlation during many years of migration practice.

Every step in your migration pathway is significant: either the decisions are made correctly, and your steps effectively move you towards the migration goal; or you spend precious time on random decisions that only help you to stay in the country a little bit longer, but nothing more… The third option, perhaps, does not exist.

I am convinced that correct migration decisions are determined not only by your wishes and possibilities but also by your background and the current situation with you and your family. Such information can only be explored by studying your case in detail, then drawing up a strategy(es) and deliver it to you, asking you additional questions if required, which is called a consultation.

By the way, quite often during consultations, the client reveals information about criminal records, visa refusals or even deportations, about poor English or about the inability to confirm work experience or get permission to take the child overseas from the second parent, and many, many more interesting things could be found out during our consultations...

In most cases, all these circumstances may be solved, but I am convinced that it must have been done before you sign a contract with an agent rushing and having a strong desire to apply for a visa ASAP. It can take years to learn English, as well as to get official experience, so the contract cannot be remained open for so long.

Unfortunately, more than once I had to close the contract, recalculate the time and costs of the team’s resources and refund the money to the client. As a result, the client has lost not only time but also money on the transactions. Absolutely inefficient processes, I guess.


even when you are sure what visa you need, I strongly recommend you to book a consultation and discuss your case in the very first step. You then can make a solid decision about the contract and visa, understanding our style of work, all of your alternative strategies, and the total budget for this project (which is essential).

I personally conduct consultations at Yulia Moiseeva & Associates, along with my colleague Olga Grinevetskaya. We discuss each case together and determinate strategies, so regardless of whom you have booked a consultation with, you receive comprehensive immigration advice, and as a bonus – a second expert opinion.

I hope this post was useful, and my opinion about consultation has become clearer to you. 

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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