Visas for students and guardians

Visas for students and guardians

I am sure this article will be interesting for everyone who cannot migrate to Australia (due to age, knowledge of English or work in the country of current residence), but dreams of a better future for their children and grandchildren, of their quality education and opportunities in Australia.

Today I would like to tell you about visas that give holders and their family members a lot of migration opportunities, but at the same time force them to follow long-term strategy.

A student visa for schoolers can be arranged for children from 6 to 18 years old. Thus, the entire school curriculum is available to young students.

In order for children to study comfortably, one of the parents can become a guardian during study, come and stay with the schooler in Australia.

Parents can choose any school for child (public or private) according to their budget. The cost of education can vary from 10,000 to 50,000 AUD per year, depending on the type and prestige of the school.

Visa for a Student and a Guardian are organized together and are linked to each other. These visas are issued for a period of 2-3 years and can be extended. As soon as the student turns 18, it is no longer possible to obtain a Guardian visa.

Please note that if you have relatives in Australia and you are applying for a Guardian visa, the Department will most likely ask you for reasons why they cannot become a guardian for your child.

I want to note that it is not at all necessary to organize a Guardian visa for the education of a student. There are several other ways to send your child to school:

  • Boarding school – these are the schools where children live and study. These schools take responsibility for your child.
  • Living with a family that will look after your child – available for older children.
  • The first strategy is usually used for families where one parent is a businessman and he wants to send the family (the second parent and children) to study in Australia.
  • The second common strategy is when a single parent wants to come to Australia and find a partner, live together and get a partner visa from overseas. Such parents usually come at their own expense or at the expense of their parents (grandparents of the student).
  • The third strategy is a route for families who expect to obtain permanent residence in Australia for a child after his education and then obtain permanent residence themselves through parent visas.
  • In fact, the visa requirements are very similar to standard student visas. For example, parents need to provide appropriate financial guarantees.
  • You will also need to organize medical insurance: for a student – student insurance, for a guardian – visitor cover.
  • Children do not need to take any entrance exams, including English. The school will test the child upon arrival to understand whether a child can start studying at school immediately or additional English course is needed.
  • However, there are significant restrictions that are placed on the guardian visa – there are no working rights, and the guardian cannot formally study for more than 3 months.
  • It is also not possible to apply for any other visa while in Australia with a guardian visa.

By the way, once during a pandemic, I managed to remove such a restriction, and the guardian was able to get a partner’s visa!

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