Visa That No Longer Exists

As you already know, my dear friends, a migration agent is not a magician, but the case I will share with you is a mix of magic, time management, and professional sharpness.

Let me present to you a unique case successfully completed by the team at Yulia Moiseeva & Associates – we obtained a visa that has been closed for new applications almost two years ago! This is a special Business Visa subclass 132 that provides the applicant with immediate permanent residency in Australia. The Subclass 132 visa was in effect until July 1, 2021, after that day new applications were no longer accepted.

As you can imagine, we timely lodged the application for our clients. However, obtaining a business visa (especially a permanent visa) always takes a significant time, all requests from the Department were processed over the next few years.

Please, find all the features of this visa case:

1 Initially, the application was planned before the pandemic, and the main business idea was about the development of tourism in Australia. However, when COVID-19 pandemic began, the touristic business was frozen worldwide, with no approximate prediction, we had to adapt the business idea and business plan to the current realities and government needs.

2 Our client is a family from China with a basic level of English proficiency. We had a representative who acted on behalf of the client, which facilitated communication but also extended the process. Dealing with international interactions, it is common to have challenges due to differences in mentalities or negotiation styles. Nevertheless, we successfully resolved them.

3 Another important challenge was to learn the basic legal, economic, and accounting aspects of China that directly related to building the case. Initially, all business activities, potential investments, income, and assets of our clients were in China. Therefore, we had to dive into all the details and present them in the best possible way to the Department officer.

4 We have got three RFI (Request for Further Information): personal and business assets, provision of criminal record checks, clarification on the dependency of an adult child included in the application.

Our outcome: happy clients, holders of the Subclass 132 Business Visa – a family of three people who can now live, study, work, and run their own business in Australia!


  • Initial consultation: October 18, 2018
  • Contract signed: January 15, 2019
  • Application lodged: October 25, 2019
  • Visa granted: April 18, 2023.

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