Celebrating victories in November and December. Our Wins of 2023

Dear friends! Recently, someone send me this private messages: “Yulia, are you receiving visas currently?” That’s because I didn’t have enough time to share our visa cases with you!

We were receiving an insane number of inquiries, and as you understand, it’s our priority! Now we have collected many interesting stories for you!

In this article, you will find out more about our victories in November and December 2023. We have finalized more than 50 cases recently, so get comfortable and prepare to read. I won’t loudly sum up the year. I will only provide numbers that say more than any advertising.

In 2023, my dedicated team of 8 professionals received outcome for 495 migration cases: 130 tourists, 74 students with their families, 66 partners, fiancés, and spouses + their children, 19 of our clients became citizens, and more than 190 professionals with their families were able to change their lives and come to Australia on skilled or employer sponsored visas.

The number of reviews about the five-star migration service of Yulia Moiseeva & Associates on Google exceeded 400!


As always, the most popular migration stream is skilled visas. If you want to learn more about occupations in demand in Australia, about migration strategies, Point test and Skillselect system, you have to read our up-to-date guide Skilled migration to Australia published in Immi School Online website.

We prepared a free guide about skilled visas! You’ll get valuable and well-organized clear information on how to boost the highest points for English proficiency, education, work experience, or a partner, making your case as competitive as possible!


Moving on to employer visas! Unlike point based skilled visas, you can directly influence your ability to get any work visa: you have to find an employer, impress him, provide evidence of your work experience or complete an assignment. There are many options, so you won’t have to wait for states or territory nomination.

If you want to get FREE recommendations how to find a job in Australia, please follow the link below and download the guide.

You probably know that for most employer sponsored visas, as well as skilled ones, you will need to proof your skills and work experience. To do this, you need to gather documents confirming your working engagement and proofs of paid work. I have provided more details about this significantly important step in your migration process in my new online course "Work experience evidence”.


Get a FREE guide for students planning to pursue education in Australia! Just click button below


The tourist season in Australia is open entire year!

Tourists from around the world come to see the ocean and Australian endemic animals, spend time with family, meet the parents of their Australian partner, come for a job interview, or just check if this wonderful country suits them.


In light of the recent statements from the department, perhaps family visas remain the most stable and predictable.

If you are planning to apply for a partner or fiancé visa, you can use our FREE checklist for your self-assessment of chances and find the suitable visa for your case.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or comment this post! We are always happy to help, answer your questions, dispel doubts, and organize your relocation to Australia as comfortably and stress-free as possible!

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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