Two-year extension of post-study work rights

A new bonus for Australian Graduates. Announced news will assist in addressing skills shortages.

International students who have graduated from an Australian university have the opportunity to extend working rights in Australia by two years for each graduate level, from:

  • two years to four years for selected Bachelor degrees
  • three years to five years for selected Masters degrees
  • four years to six years for all Doctoral degrees.

IMPORTANT! Existing regional and remote Australian settings will be maintained and where relevant will be eligible for the additional two years.

Please note that these changes will affect graduates of eligible occupations and eligible qualifications, targeting health, teaching, engineering and agricultural fields.

You can download the list of eligible occupations.

The list will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated as necessary.

The changes will come into effect on 1 July 2023. Therefore, eligible graduates with a valid Temporary Graduate Visa on 1 July 2023 or who apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa after 1 July 2023, will be considered for the two-year extension

We will provide more details on eligibility and how to apply for the extended Temporary Graduate Visa closer to 1 July 2023.​


Stay tuned!

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