TOP 5 obvious reasons to visit Australia

It’s great that we are all here today! We gathered because we all have one passion – Australia! Everyone has their own goals and their own reasons to love this beautiful continent.

Let’s talk today about the reasons to visit Australia. This post will be interesting for people who cannot decide and plan a trip, and for people who have already decided to organize a trip to Australia giving them more inspiration.

TOP 5 obvious reasons to visit Australia


Incredible Ocean

The west coast (where Western Australia and its capital, Perth are located) is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, and the east coast (where are located my city Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney) is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Every day, early morning, hundreds of people come to the beach to watch sunrise, swim and refresh their minds with running, or just take a walk with their beloved people.

Perhaps the Australian coast is the perfect place to learn surfing.


Unique flora and fauna

Did you know that Emu and Dingo are not the only endemics in Australia? Hundreds of birds, insects, animals and plants are still saved from ancient times. Because the evolution on this remote continent moved in a different way!

? Do you want to see how koalas eat eucalyptus in the bush? Here they are!

? Would you like to feed carrots to kangaroos at sunset? It’s easy to organize!

? Want to take a closer look at the world’s largest living organism? Just dive underwater on the Great Barrier Reef!


Gastronomic tourism

Australian wines were appreciated in the world wine market in the late 19th century. Today, many Australian vineyards proudly have famous names and export thousands of bottles around the world.

Australia is famous for its delicious grass-fed beef BBQ and cheeses.

A variety of fruits and cuisines from around the world, vegetarian / gluten-free / lactose-free products of excellent quality in every supermarket for any taste and budget.


Ancient aboriginal culture

Aboriginal culture arose before the pyramids and Stonehenge. It is older than the Acropolis. At over 50,000 years old, it is one of the oldest in existence today.

Unfortunately, British colonization in the XVIII-XIX centuries led to the death of many indigenous people of Australia. The survivors have largely lost their culture and old faiths, and only a small part of the aboriginal population has saved and continuously support the traditions.

If you are planning to visit Australia, you can find an Aboriginal guide to lead you through the ancient culture.


New Year on the beach

From your geography classes, you probably remember that Australians celebrate the New Year in the middle of summer. Do you agree, it is very exotic to build snowmen with sand and take selfies with Santa wearing a red swimsuit?

In addition, Australians have the opportunity to welcome the new year almost the first in the world!

By the way, Christmas in Australia is a quiet family holiday, while New Year’s eve has a grand celebration. For example, is the spectacular fireworks in the famous Sydney Harbor.

January 1st is a public holiday in Australia. For most Australians, this is the official day for picnics, bbq and beach parties, as well as rodeos and surfer carnivals.

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