Top 5 Mistakes of Skilled Migration Candidates to Australia

Hi everyone, who is just planning to move to Australia, as well as those who are actively moving forward to this direction and going to reach the finish line!

In this post, I would like to tell you about the five most common and critical mistakes made by candidates for skilled stream visas. Just to clarify, this group includes skilled visas (189, 190, and 491) and employer-sponsored visas (482, 494, and 186).

Incorrectly calculate and claim points in EOI

Intentionally or accidentally, you can claim incorrect work experience or an English proficiency when completing EOI. However, when applying for a visa, you’ll need to quickly gather all documents and verify your points. In the worst scenario, the Department may refuse the visa application, and the candidate loses both money and the opportunity to be invited for approximately a year.

Stick to a single visa type

Currently, Australian states and migration agents actively recommend candidates not to be limited by skilled visa and consider alternative options, such as employer sponsored visa. The reason is the highly competitive situation among candidates (limited quotas and many applicants) and very limited occupation-based selection.

Stop improving after submitting EOI

Firstly, I always recommend to keep working and boosting points of your EOI: getting the highest English proficiency, obtaining a NAATI certificate, growing working experience.

Secondly, please never stop looking for an employer in Australia. In the best case, you will find a sponsor for employer sponsored visa, or at least gain valuable experience having job interviews.

Get skills assessment before the English exam

Many candidates believe that getting IELTS 7 or 8 is quick and easy. Unfortunately, it’s not. It can take months or even years, especially when two applicants are involved in this process. I recommend to focus on the English exam first to avoid frustration and loss of money on skills assessment (valid for maximum 3 years).

Choosing the wrong occupation for skills assessment

Choosing an occupation for skills assessment that aligns with your migration goals, matches your experience and skills, and provides the opportunity to quickly receive an invitation for a visa or sponsorship nomination is truly an art. Please always carefully review occupation lists, work in a assessed occupation, and plan alternative scenarios in advance.

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