Attention to all 189 skilled visa candidates!

As I said before, May 25th was supposedly the last (in the current program year) invitation round to an independent skilled visa for candidates who sent EOI to the Skill Select system.

Most selected occupations are in the medical field, the minimum point score is 65, and even the most recent applications (submitted in May 2023) were considered.

Below for your attention are some occupations and point scores (offshore/onshore):

  • Child Care Centre Manager    65/65
  • Clinical Psychologist   65/80
  • Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher          65/65
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist          75/65
  • Gastroenterologist     65/65
  • General Practitioner   65/65
  • Intensive Care Specialist         70/70
  • Medical Radiation Therapist  85/80
  • Midwife           65/65
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist          65/80
  • Nurse Practitioner      65/-
  • Optometrist    70/70
  • Paediatrician   75/70
  • Radiation Oncologist  85/85
  • Registered Nurse (Medical)    65/65
  • Secondary School Teacher     65/65
  • Special Needs Teacher            65/65
  • Specialist Physician (General Medicine)         90/70
  • Surgeon (General)      90/65
  • Teacher of the Hearing Impaired       65/-

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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