Time for processing visa applications

Time for processing visa applications

Obviously, the processing time for applications depends on many factors.

Many applications finalized recently had been on-hand for some months while borders were closed. 

Throughout the COVID-19 travel restriction period, applications have been prioritized from applicants eligible for a travel exemption.

As borders are reopened, and more people become eligible for travel, many of these applications are now being finalized.

Where available, you should lodge your application online. This helps streamline processing arrangements.​

Circumstances affecting the processing time of visa applications

On the official website of the Department, you could find approximate processing visa estimated time, which you may consider in any scenario. More precise processing time was recently announced, including 25% of the fastest processed visa applications. You can find these data in the Department article.

However, the actual processing time depends on individual circumstances of your case:

  • if your application is prepared completely as decision-ready (including all the required supporting documents)
  • how promptly do you respond to requests for more information
  • how long it take to process required checks on the further supporting information provided
  • how long it takes to receive information from external agencies. This particularly relates to health, character, and national security requirements
  • for permanent migration visa applications, and how many places are available in the migration program.
  • type of visa (its priority of the Migration Program)
  • particular office of DOHA that conducts consideration of your visa (visa direction and geographic location)

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The main task for migration agent

My challenge is to do as much as possible to prepare your case for submission following the standards, all the requirements, and recommendations of DOHA, as well as reduce the time of communication with third parties.

Our clients usually receive visas up to 30% faster than the announced official processing time. How do we do it?

A comprehensive assessment of the client’s initial information matching with the ongoing migration program, and appropriate paperwork, allows you to form a complete case, quickly submit documents and get a positive result in the shortest possible time.

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