The Point Test is set for a review

Every time I open the Department’s news feed, I feel anxious. Announced on 11th December 2023, Australia’s new migration strategy promises a list of amendments, and it seems like they are going to be implemented one by one.

This time, skilled migration and the points-based system, known as the Point Test, are up for change. This test is created to select candidates for visas SC 189, 190, and 491 within the SkillSelect system.

Australia has been utilizing the points test since 1979 to select migrants. The last major update to the test occurred back in 2012, and since then, the government has had enough time to evaluate all the pros and cons of the current system. A recent analysis of migration discovers that the Point test does not always effectively select candidates who are supposed to make a significant long-term contribution to Australia’s development.

Just recently, a new document was published discussing the need to amend the Point test to better align with the primary goals of the migration program by creating a system where migrants can bring benefits to the country longer and find relevant job more easily. The review also emphasizes the potential of partners (second applicants) to contribute to Australia’s economy.

Please bear in mind that “Point test review” frequently mentions industries such as renewable energy, ecology, healthcare and construction, as well as the digital economy and cyber security, which might hint at future government priorities.

Before getting upset or angry about the upcoming changes, it’s important to understand the government’s main objective in forming new rules. The goal is not to close migration or make it inaccessible but to shift the focus from quantity to quality. This means attracting younger candidates who can make significant contributions to Australia’s future for many years to come. Priority is also given to skilled professionals who possess in-demand skills and expertise, including excellent English language proficiency. As I mentioned earlier, significant importance is placed on the qualifications and language skills of the applicants’ partners.

The Department invites everyone who is interested to express their views and contribute to the formation of the new Point Test by the end of May. I also plan to take part in this process, because my 14 years of experience in migration profession gives me plenty of insights, and I want to help each of you find your best and brightest future in Australia!

Let me invite you, guys, to join me for discussion! Feel free to share your thoughts via email. How do you think they will affect you, migration, and Australia in general?

You can ask me questions at any time.

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