Crafting your ideal pathway to Australia. A step-by-step guide

Let’s be honest! How many of you, being at the beginning of the migration pathway to Australia, had / has clear vision of where to start? How to understand what kind of visa you need and what steps you have to do to be “sure”?!

I really understand people who come to me with similar questions which honestly makes me happy. It means to me that more potential migrants will make fewer mistakes, and more candidates will spend their time and money efficiently getting more benefits for themselves and their families.

Today I want to share with you how we craft the IDEAL MIGRATION PATHWAY for our clients.

Table of Contents

Step 1. When you start to consider migration to Australia

At this stage, you should decide for yourself – do you want to try living abroad temporarily or permanently?

Depending on this, we select the possible options:

  • non-migration visas that do not lead directly to permanent residence (tourist, student, some working and parent visas)
  • migration visas within the skilled or family stream.

To learn general information about the migration process, please read public sources, such as the Department’s website or, for example, my articles.

Step 2. Free Assessment

Jump to the section Free assessment section with different questionnaires. Choose the one that suits your vision, complete and send it to us.

To have useful and customized migration advice, please provide as much detail of your migration case as possible, such as your work experience and opportunities. The possible answer like “work experience: yes”, as you can guess, does not give me any understanding of your case. I also recommend that you ask some specific questions about the subject, I am always happy to answer.

After some time (depending on the number of applications, currently, the assessment takes 2-4 weeks), you will receive a response from me, where you will find basic recommendations and a rough assessment of your case.

There are four general tips at this stage (depending on the preliminary choice of the path) based on my experience:

  • Improve your English and pass the international exam for a suitable band
  • Gain official experience
  • Look for an employer in Australia
  • Gather evidence of relationships
  • Collect supporting documents for sponsorship

Step 3. Individual consultation and migration strategy

The moment when you see progress following the previous recommendations or meet the required level (see Step 2), I highly recommend you have a personal consultation with a detailed assessment and development of your step-by-step migration plan (strategy).

It is better if you make a booking a couple of weeks in advance, so you and I will have enough time to complete and learn more details in your questionnaire (you will receive the questionnaire after the booking and payment are completed). It is obvious, that each of you will have different cases, so I have to go deep into each questionnaire to give you quality and efficient advice. I have a limited number of consultations available per week, as I will never sacrifice quality for quantity.

In case you have a super urgent question, please contact me, and I will do my best to find a free slot for you.

Step 4. Contract with a migration agent

After a strategic consultation, you will receive a written response from me. If your migration options look attractive to you and you are satisfied with our collaboration, please send us a request for a contract providing the full names and contact details of you and other people included in your application (family members, parents, or partners).

Soon you will receive a digital contract with a detailed description of our working algorithm. Please read it carefully.

All our business processes and interactions with clients are completely digital and paperless – nothing needs to be printed and scanned, and you do not need to go to the bank. Sign a contract and pay for our migration services from your computer or even from your phone.

Step 5. Project of your migration to Australia

Since payment is complete, within 2-5 working days, I prepare your personal project in special software and set up a manager and assistant for your project.

As soon as everything is ready for our efficient collaboration, all applicants will receive an invitation from me to join the project.

After this, each of you will receive detailed step-by-step instructions. From this moment, all our communications are in the project framework – delayed communication with me and the project team, further instructions, collection and preparation of documents, communication with the department, etc.

Step 6. Do it properly and keep calm

As I said before, I strongly recommend choosing a migration agent mindfully, and if you did it, I also strongly recommend you trust the agent and follow the recommendations.

Working with us, you will always be notified about potential risks and opportunities, changes in legislation, or state requirements.

The more detailed information you give us, the more effort you make following the recommendations, and the more chances you have a successful migration case and a positive response to your application.

Please, trust my 10+ years of experience as a migration agent!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at

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