The future of COVID visa 408

This visa with zero government fee (!) became a lifesaver during the pandemic for all temporary residents of Australia who had working permit at that time. After the restrictions were lifted, the visa was extended. Moreover, the conditions for obtaining it last year were significantly eased.

Closer to July 1, 2023, many agents and migrants were doubting about the availability of the visa in the new financial year and openly anticipated its closure.

However, I am happy to inform you that the government did not close the visa, and it is available for a duration of 12 months for any applicant working or intending to work in any sector of the Australian economy. But they have to submit the new application (free of charge!) for the visa no later than 90 days before the current visa expires.

Working rights on this visa are unlimited: applicants and holders can change jobs and work for more than one employer, including being self-employment. In addition, there is no need to contact the Department to report a job change.

Another generous act from our Department. We appreciate it!

You can ask me questions at any time.

Just email me at and describe your migration issues!

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