Students, hold on! Significant fee rise for Students and their Guardians

Starting July 1, 2024, not only there are changes to migration legislation, but we also experiencing the usual annual increase in visa application fees.

According to the new amendments approved in the 2024-2025 budget, the application fees for Student Visas (Subclass 500) and Student Guardian Visas (Subclass 590) jumped significantly.

  • Primary Applicant – the fee rises from $710 to $1,600.
  • Dependent Applicant Over 18 – from $530 to $1,190.
  • Dependent Applicant Under 18 –from $175 to $390.

Additionally, fees for all other Australian visas will also go up. Detailed information on all the changes and new cost estimates for moving to Australia under skilled and student visas will be published in the next few days in the updated guides on the IMMI SCHOOL website. You can also get free information about all visa requirements and fees via a special request form on our website.

For details, follow the links below:

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