State Sponsored visa vs Employer Sponsored visa

Where dreams may lead? To the sponsor!

Many migrants still remember the days when an independent visa was available, not for everyone, but for many applicants… Unfortunately, due to the high competition among applicants,  the chances to migrate under visa SC189 are becoming less and less…

For sure this is not a reason to be sad, my friends! In this case, the law of conservation of energy is working: if it decreases somewhere, it means that it increases somewhere else! And today we are going to talk about two absolutely great alternatives that work on the same efficient principle!

❗️State or Territory Sponsored Visas and Employer Sponsored Visas

  • Yes, both of these streams are asking you to do your best to be sponsored
  • Yes, both for these streams you must have a job or at least job offer
  • Yes, you will need to stay for some time in some place, occupation or even with the same employer …


However! After all, this is called STABILITY! When you will migrate to another country, you will already have the most important things, which allow you to feel confident:

  • work
  • good salary
  • knowledge (skills, language, etc.)

Trust my expertise! These things above are what migrants need for the first time in Australia.⠀


Employer Sponsored Visas have followed the requirements for the applicant:

  • your occupation must be on the relevant list (Attention! The lists will be different for different visas),
  • current employment or job offer,
  • employer must satisfy certain requirements,
  • arguments for genuine need of the employee for this business,
  • compliance of the applicant with the requirements for work experience, education, level of English

The process of obtaining an Employer Sponsored Visa is complicated because an applicant needs to find an employer and show the best of the skills before receiving offer for sponsorship!

❗️BUT! Here I have some good news for you:

  • you don’t have to be in Australia to find an employer. You can do that remotely
  • Employer Sponsored Visas could be granted to both onshore and offshore applicants
  • working visas are currently prioritized, could be finalised faster than others.
  • and, most importantly, you have a chance to provide evidence that future employer is in critical sector and it is extremely important to be onshore right now. You may obtain exemption to enter Australia and travel right now