Skilled Visas. Conditions

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We recently shared the latest news and told you about our interesting cases, but in meantime, I would like to show you some details that are usually overlooked.

Let’s talk about conditions on the most popular visa type – skilled visas SC189, 190, 491, and 191.

There are no conditions for visa SC 189. The visa holder can do whatever they want – live in any state or city, study or work in any occupation (not limited to the nominated one), or even run their own business without restrictions. You can even work for a company located overseas.

The visa SC190 officially does not impose any specific conditions on its holders either. However, before applying for the visa, the candidate signs a declaration confirming their intention to reside in the nominating state for two years after entering Australia. This condition is not specified in the visa, but if you have no intention of fulfilling your agreement with the state, your visa can be cancelled.

Holders of the temporary visa SC 491 are required to provide information to the Department upon request – residence place, employment details including position and salary (which must match the information on your tax records). According to visa conditions, the visa holder is also required to live in a regional area of Australia for 3 years. The candidate signs a declaration confirming the intention to reside in the nominating state for 2-3 years after entering Australia.

To transit from the temporary visa 491 to the permanent visa 191, the visa holder must provide evidence of regional area living and employment. The position, employer, and number of jobs will not matter.

Interesting fact! To transit to the 191 visa, holders of the 491 visa no longer need to show a specified minimum income. It is sufficient just to work and provide payslips with any income. A generous gift from the department, don't you think?

We suppose you are already on your way to Australian permanent residency or you are just planning to migrate/relocate to Australia in the near future. In that case, I recommend you get your migration strategy or book an express consultation to discuss your next efficient migration steps.

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