Relations with the Australians. Instructions for use

Personal, close relationship between two people is an important part of life. In order to build these relationships every day, it require strength and resources. Energy sources double when partnerships are struck up with a person from another country, and triple when decisions are made to reduce the distance between partners, to arrange visas, sponsorship and other bureaucratic red tape.

Here is my instructions – for those who are looking for relationships with Australians:

  • Now there are a large number of dating sites that offer communication with Australians. For example, Elena Models ( – I have many happy and successful pairs from this resource.
  • Chat with each other as much as possible! Learn more about your potential partner – previous sponsorships / relationships, previous convictions, financial aspects
  • Try to arrange your visit to Australia before changing your immigration status. Only in this way will you be able to see from the inside that you will never see on vacation. Introduce your potential partner to your family and, in turn, get to know partner’s family.
  • Learn English. You have to communicate not only with your partner, but also with his friends, relatives. You have to work, study and, in general, live in an English-speaking country. Decent level of language is a must so that in case if anything goes wrong you can seek help or find out about your rights.
  • Study visa types and choose – that best suits your immigration strategy. Please note that there are significant differences between a partner visa and a prospective marriage visas.
  • Take your time to have kids. Allow time for the relationship to mature and the additional financial burden (children in Australia is not a cheap pleasure) not to undermine the fragile start of your relationship. Give yourself time to get to know Australia, find a job and get comfortable in the country.
  • Be patient and prepare to wait – the Department may take 6, 12, and even 18 months to consider applications for partner / prospective marriage visas. The speed of decision-making depends on many circumstances and the main factor that we can influence is the completeness of documents at the time of filing.

As an experienced immigration agent, I always prepare a Decision-ready application for my clients, that allows the officer to make a decision without requesting additional information. Thus, our applications are processed faster than the average according to the Department (quickest subclass 300 visa was issues in less than 1 month in 2020!).

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