Regional Visa NSW

Migration office of New South Wales has announced requirements for candidates applying for the five-year temporary skilled regional visa (subclass 491) state nomination.

I would like to remind you that this visa holders must reside and work in regional areas of NSW for three years to be eligible for a permanent visa SC191.

The state offers two pathways for nomination candidates:

  • Pathway 1 is suitable for applicants with established work history with a regional NSW-based employer (direct nomination application to the state office).
  • Pathway 2 involves essential invitation to apply to the state for nomination. Potentially, this pathway is more competitive.

Please always remember that the primary criteria for every candidate are the basic skilled visa requirements of the Department.

Applicants for state nomination may be both: onshore applicants currently residing in NSW for at least three months before applying, and offshore applicants who have permanently lived overseas for at least three months. To confirm their residence, applicants will need to provide a bank statement, lease agreement, utility bills, etc.

The state plans to invite applicants throughout the financial year without specifying selection rounds dates.

  1. Must be currently living and working in a designated regional area of NSW
  2. Have continuously done so for the past 12 months
  3. Be employed by a single regional NSW-based employer
  4. In your nominated (or closely related) occupation
  5. Deemed skilled by NSW
  6. Paid a minimum of the TSMIT salary level of $70,000 (prorated if under 38 hours per week) from your qualifying employer in your nominated (or closely related) occupation.

Important: your qualifying skilled employment must occur after the date NSW deems you skilled in your occupation and must appear in your SkillSelect EOI.
  1. NSW will prioritise EOIs in occupations that fall under our key industry sectors—health, education, ICT, infrastructure and agriculture.
  2. You’ll have 14 days to complete your application for NSW nomination after being invited. When you apply, you will need to provide valid documents to substantiate every claim made in your EOI. This 14-day window will not be extended.
  3. NSW considers multiple factors when selecting EOIs. These include your points score, English language proficiency, and your skilled work experience.
  4. The date you submit or amend your SkillSelect EOI has no impact on your likelihood of being invited.

Submitting an EOI for nomination by New South Wales for the Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491) requires your attention.

Do not miss these important details:

    1. Your EOI must remain valid for the entire assessment period. 
    2. After you apply directly for NSW nomination under ‘Pathway 1’, or are invited under ‘Pathway 2’, you cannot modify your EOI.  
    3. Your EOI must be submitted exclusively for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) and seeking nomination from NSW only.  
    4. You must provide evidence for all claims in your EOI with valid documents. Ensure these documents remain valid for at least five business days post-application. 
    5. NSW has specific guidelines on the date you can claim skilled employment. These guidelines are unique to NSW and failing to comply will lead to your application being declined. 
    6. The application fee for state nomination is 330 AUD (including GST) for applicants in Australia or 300 AUD for overseas applicants.

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