Long visa processing. What is the reason?

Guys, I think many of you already know that, following the last election’s results, The main political party in the House of Representatives was changed. Thanks to these changes, some information is becoming aware for society. Now we know more details about government working processes in the past, present and future.

Of course, we are most interested in the Migration Department, aka DOHA, aka the Department of Home Affairs.

Recently I was reading an interesting article in The Australian Financial Review, so I would like to share with you some important information that will help us to clarify all issues of Australian visa processing.

The article is saying that the DOHA budget for next year will be reduced by a third, which will probably provoke even longer processing of visa applications.

For example, the average short-term temporary skilled visa now takes 83 days, up from 53 days in March this year, and it takes almost a month to process a quarter of travel applications, while the average visitor visa is processed in six days.

Moreover, about 367,000 people are in Australia on bridging visas, up from 180,000 in June 2019. Obviously, this is a consequence of the travel restrictions during COVID, but this fact also indicates indirectly the delay of the visa application processing.

In this article, the author points out to some factors that directly and indirectly warn us against high expectations regarding the work of the Department.

For example:

  • Applications from overseas are likely to take even longer to process because the Department’s resources will be focused on issues with bridging visas.
  • High labour shortages will continue to stifle Australian businesses due to long application processing time, complicated requirements and the high costs of employer sponsored visas.
  • The visa backlog comes at the same time as major delays in the processing of passport applications. There are 2 times more applications submitted per day rather than before.

In this article I have read also that representatives of the new government are determined to address the backlog as a real priority.

Dear friends! I would like to tell you that we always do our best to reduce the processing time of client applications. However, unfortunately, it is not working sometimes.

If you would like to know “why?”, please read this post above.

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