Real Stories Partner Visa

I want to share another episode on successful case management and positive decision finally obtained for clients.  So, real stories, part 2.

The story is as follows: once upon a time, there live a couple, but unfortunately the relationship did not bring joy and they decided to divorce. The guy left for another country to earn money, and after some time he remarried and received a New Zealand passport. After several years, the marriage broke up again and the guy came to Australia with New Zealand passport, also received Australian citizenship under the 2001 rules.

The guy continued to live in Australia, worked, bought a house, but still could not sort his personal life. At one stage, he realized that the first wife, who he did not speak for 15 years, was the most precious and closest to him! He started communicating with her again, came back to home country see her, feelings began to play again, and they decided to apply for prospective marriage visa. After filing and waiting in 1 year, the embassy contacted the applicant and conducted interview. Based on interview results, application was refused. Unfortunately, the couple decided not to appeal (the deadline for filing was overdue) for personal reasons and circumstances of the visa applicant.

Next step, I and my team got into this case, the timeline was as follows:

2015 – applicants decided to get married and we applied for partner visa

2016 – refusal of a partner visa on the basis that the officer does not believe that the relationship is genuine

2016 – submission to the AAT (tribunal) for review of the decision

2017 – I made a decision, without waiting for the AAT, to bring the applicant to Australia for the holidays

2017 – submission and receipt of a visitor visa

2017 – we arranged hearing with AAT when both applicants were in Australia. I wrote to the AAT in order to arrange a hearing so that the officer would hear and confirm all the information from both sides.

The hearing was held for 3! hours, 1 hour interview with the applicant (the sponsor was in another room and could not hear the answers), 1 hour interview with the sponsor (the applicant was in another room and could not hear the answers) and talked together for 1 hour. At the end, we submitted additional documents to AAT.

It should be noted that before the hearing we spent together another 2 hours preparing, modeling questions and answers, and also how to behave at the hearing.

2018 – positive decision on partner visa. DONE!

Registered immigration agents are not legally entitled to guarantee a positive decision, since the decision is made by the immigration officer. But I personally do anything and everything for my clients to get a positive decision sooner or later. I always prepare detailed submission letters where we describe the situation for the client and how the client meets all legislative requirements.

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