Far North QLD – DAMA updates

Good news for everyone who considers DAMA program for future migration.

Recently the Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement (FNQ DAMA) has been approved. All details will be available in official website within two weeks.

A summary of the variations approved and effective immediately are:

  • added occupations: sand blaster, industrial spray painter, motor vehicle parts interpreter (automotive parts salesperson), podiatrist, plasterer (wall and ceiling), wall and floor tiler, outside school hours care worker;
  • English Language concession for the occupation of Chef;
  • Child care worker qualification reduced from AQF Cert IV to AQF Cert III;
  • period of time required on a TSS 482 visa before ENS nomination for permanent visa SC186, reduced from 3 years to 2 years;
  • any work experience on a non-DAMA visa with work rights can be counted when nominated directly for ENS under FNQ DAMA (either full-time or part-time pro-rata experience);
  • removal of ‘conditional’ permanent visa pathway for TSS 482 to ENS 186 for Skill Level 5 occupations to now align with other skill levels;
  • FNQ DAMA to more explicitly include the Etheridge Shire Council and the Croydon Shire Council LGAs, as well as to include some postcodes 4857, 4884, 4887 and 4888;

Just a friendly reminder that we handle all kinds of visas across Australia, including the intricate yet highly advantageous DAMA program. 

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