Warm greetings to all professionals planning to migrate to Australia.

Your migration agent Yulia Moiseeva is here with useful information from VETASSESS. It is the largest skills assessment organization, which every single skilled stream applicant (with few exceptions) has to know. It is essential to undergo a skills assessment process where your professional experience will be assessed and evaluated considering Australian standards.

Today, I have compiled a set of frequently asked questions regarding this important and sometimes unclear step.

1 My job title is different from the job title for the occupation I’d like to apply for under the ANZSCO code, how will this affect my application?

An applicant’s job title does not need to match the occupation they nominate. Assessors of VETASSESS look at your education and employment experience and evaluate the level of tasks you perform against those commonly required for the nominated occupation.


I have work experience, an MBA and a degree in my professional occupation, do I submit evidence of other short courses I have taken and awards that I have won. Will this help in the process?

Please include any short courses and/or awards supporting your role in your professional occupation in your CV only. Submitting them as part of your official qualification evidence may delay the assessment process as we will need to formally assess them against qualifications. Your short courses and awards will most likely not have an AQF equivalent.


If an applicant was unsuccessful under one occupation and now applies under a different occupation, would the unsuccessful application have any impact on the new application?

No. The new assessment is looked at with ‘new eyes’ against the official evidence you have provided for that occupation


I’ve applied for the standard service. Can I switch to Priority Processing?

You can ask VETASSESS to convert your application to Priority Processing. VETASSESS considers these requests on a case-by-case basis so please provide additional information why you want Priority Processing. 


Can I submit documents after the skills assessment application lodged?

We will provide 15 calendar days to submit missing information. If the documents are not submitted, a final notice will be issued giving 7 additional days. You can request to reopen the closed application for 150 AUD fee.


What does the prefix “nec” used for some occupations in ANZSCO mean?

Some occupations assessed by VETASSESS are listed as ‘nec’ which means ‘not elsewhere classified’. These are occupations that are not separately identified in ANZSCO. Applicants for a skills assessment nominate an occupation under the ‘nec’ code when they hold qualifications and employment that do not better fit under any other ANZSCO code.

Actually, if you have any questions about skilled migration, find our newly updated guide, “Skilled Migration to Australia 2023-2024!” After reading it, you will definitely have no remaining questions!

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