Professional year for students

Another grey zone in Australian migration rules. What is it in reality? One more pointless way to spend money or a useful tool giving you +5 points for the Point test?

Let’s figure it out together!

Spoiler: useless thing to spend your money.

Now, let’s turn to the facts:

  • An additional professional year is available for graduates in engineering, IT, and accounting.
  • This paid course is designed for graduate visa holders and allows entry into the career, getting some practical experience, skills enhancement, and assistance in finding a job.
  • The professional year also provides an additional +5 points for the skilled visa, increasing applicants’ chances, which is crucial for competitive point test selection.
  • Additionally, to confirm an IT occupation after obtaining education, it is mandatory to have one year of relevant IT work experience OR completion of a professional year.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Unfortunately, the majority of reviews from graduates who decided to take this course were negative. Newly minded professionals, instead of mastering their professionalism and gaining relevant work experience, they spent time on the phone at the company’s reception, engaged in completely irrelevant activities.


But they got +5 points, you might say. Yes! At the same time I have more advantageous alternatives for you, where you can get up to +50 points.


Points for English: Basic Competent English, as a mandatory minimum, won’t give you any points, while you can significantly improve your English proficiency, and Superior English will give you 20 points.

Points for community language: you can take the NAATI CCL exam and get +5 points, having useful extra knowledge that will help you settle in Australia.

Again points for English: you can get additional points if your partner/spouse takes the English test. All details you may find in my Skilled Visa guide. 

For more tips and helpful advice on improving your score as skilled visa applicants, check out my guide for students! This extensive document will be extremely beneficial for anyone considering education in Australia as the first step toward successful migration!

You can ask me questions at any time.

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