Processing priorities for skilled migration visa applications


I would like to share with you an important information for each applicant who has already submitted all the documents and just waiting for the outcome of visa processing.

By the way, this information will also be useful to potential candidates who are currently considering the most efficient migration pathway

Skilled migration visa applications are processed according to government policy priorities.

The following skilled migration visas include:​

Subclass 124 (Distinguished Talent)
Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme)
Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)
Subclass 188 (Business Innovation and Investment)
Subclass 189 (Skilled – Independent) (Points-tested Stream)
Subclass 190 (Skilled – Nominated)
Subclass 489 (Skilled – Regional (Provisional))
Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional))
Subclass 494 (Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional))
Subclass 858 (Global Talent)

Priority processing of skilled migration visa applications

  1. Any of the following:
    • Employer Sponsored or Regional Sponsored where the nominated occupation is specified in PMSOL
    • Employer Sponsored or Regional Sponsored where the nominated occupation is an Agriculture Sector Occupation
    • The applicant is nominated by an employer under a Global Talent Employer Sponsored Agreement
    • All applications identified through the Global Talent Program
    • Applications for the Subclass 188 in the Significant Investor stream and then all other applications.
  2. Occupations within a Critical Sector
  3. Employer Sponsored or Regional Sponsored by an employer under DAMA agreement
  4. Subclass 494 – Regional Employer Sponsored Provisional visa, not mentioned in priority 1
  5. Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional Provisional visa
  6. SC 482 and SC 186 – other employer sponsored visas
  7. Transition to visa SC 187 from other relevant visas
  8. Subclass 489 – Skilled – Regional (Provisional)
  9. Subclass 190 – Skilled – Nominated
  10. Subclass 189 – Skilled – Independent in the Points-tested stream
  11. All other visa applications

Priority will be given to applicants located in Australia.

Priority processing of skilled migration visa applications

  • medical technology, critical infrastructure,
  • telecommunications,
  • supply chain logistics,
  • aged care,
  • аgriculture,
  • mechanical engineering and mining, primary industry, food and marine industry, large-scale production,
  • financial technologies,
  • production of films, media and television,
  • new technologies
  • specialists of religion or theology
  • occupations from PMSOL

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