Primary and Secondary Education in Australia

Primary education in Australia is a primary school. Pre-school education (Pre-school), that is, kindergartens, is not included in the education system and is not regulated by the state. The exception is Queensland and Victoria, where pre-school education is part of the primary school system.

Schooling in Australia is a must for everyone. In elementary school pupils study from 5-6 years to 13-15 years. The exact period of study varies by state or territory. Australia now has public and private schools, including religious schools. In rural areas, a home-based education system is in place. You have to seek formal permission from the state / territory to home school your children, but in standard practice (before global quarantine) the percentage of students at home is small, about 1%.

Education in public schools is free, in private and Catholic schools a monthly fee vary from 1,000 AUD to 10,000 AUD. Regardless of the sources of funding, all schools must follow a curriculum approved by the state or territory. The rules allow some schools to include special subjects in the curriculum, which can be compiled using special methods. Most often this applies to religious schools. In Australia, you can find Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and other schools. In addition to general subjects, much attention is paid to sports and the creative development of students, as well as resilence and mindfulness.

It is also necessary to consider that in different states the structure of school education may vary. For example, usually Grade 7 is considered middle school, but in Queensland it is in elementary school. Another example would be class zero: in some states it is called “kindergarten,” and in some it is not even part of the school system.

My children are currently attending public school. But I have my reasons to move them to private sector, as one of my children has high level of IQ and public school is not interested / not willing to assist with individual curriculum.

I hope everything has become clear to you with the school. Have any questions? Tell us!

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