Preparing for Australia. Your homework

Preparing for Australia. Your homework

So, let’s image the situation.

You are super pumped: preparing to get your visa, or even literally sitting on your luggage, counting the weeks before coming to Australia. At the same time, you have to consider, that you are not just a tourist, there is solid migration goal in front of you.

The most popular question that my clients ask me at this period is: “What do I have to do/consider/take actions now just do not regret after? What may I need?”


Take your passports, birth and marriage certificates, diplomas of graduation and certificates from the children’s school with you.

You can translate documents in Australia (sometimes for free) or remotely at the time you need it.

Notarization of documents is not usually required.

Driving license

This is becoming a real “pain” for many people

The issues you could face passing exam in Australia or transiting your license for an Australian standard really deserve an entire post.

However, I highly recommend you get your open driver license in your country of origin before coming to Australia, which will give you an opportunity to drive with no restrictions or limitations.

Apparently, you don’t need an international driver’s license, because you can contact a special NAATI translator in Australia and legitimize your brought document being in Australia.


Almost all visas in Australia provide or have required medical insurance. For other visas, I recommend that you consider it by yourself.

However, it makes sense to do a health check-up in advance. In my opinion, it is necessary if you have chronic diseases or dentist issues related because it is long, expensive, and comprehensive for the first time.

Later, you will realize all the features and beauty of the Australian healthcare system and will find “your” doctor.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s vaccination certificate.

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It is not possible to get a long-term rent of a house/apartment remotely. However, it will be useful to prepare a temporary place in order to calm down, look around, and choose a suitable suburb and a place you like.

You can find a place for short rent using Airbnb, Gumtree, or even the Facebook market.


If your future stay in Australia is closely related to your work activity, I strongly recommend that you start preparing for this issue in advance

  • Download my free guide “How to find a job in Australia”
  • Create a resume and find the referee for positive recommendations
  • Do your own research about the place you are going to stay: do they need specialists in your skills and area, what are the requirements, what do they offer?
  • You can start contacting employers in advance and processing potential interview scenario
  • Learn specific Australian terminology in your field to speak the same language with future colleagues


Remember, the first thing you bring with you to a new country is yourself.

I highly recommend starting psychological preparation in advance, perhaps even with a specialist. This will allow you to adjust your own expectations, form an action plan, and also consider emergency steps of family or self-care in case you get tired and want to give up.


Are you ready to quickly adapt to the polite way of communication and the slow and relaxed lifestyle in Australia? Be more tolerant, give way to everyone and smile politely?

Try to find out information in advance about Australian business rules, paperwork or working flow, communications with neighbors or children, and how to make a friendship and get a pet.

So you can avoid incidents and misunderstandings, and be with locals and other migrations on the same page from the beginning.

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