Point tested visas

I believe everyone interested in the skilled migration stream tried the Point test calculator on the DOHA website.

This way of assessing candidates is common for many countries with an open migration program. There are two different Point tests in Australia for skilled and business visas.

I have to say, that the key criteria are different for these visas:

  • for a skilled visa, the candidate’s age, work experience, and English proficiency are the most significant criteria,
  • for a business visa, DOHA will pay attention to age, and financial results, which indicate successful business skills.

The Point test system seems fair and efficient because the calculation considers a pool of various factors, with a minimum score in total.

But what if your case does not reach the required minimum?

Or maybe you want to be a more competitive candidate to shorten the path between EOI and PR?

In this case, you always have the opportunity to check results with different input data to examine what criteria you can improve.

For example, for a skilled visa SC 189/190/491, in one year or even faster, you can get two English test results: the IELTS exam with a Superior 8888 level and the NAATI CCL exam. You will gain +25 points in total.

At the same time, you will earn one more year of official working experience in Australia and your partner can pass the IELTS exam with a Competent 6666 level. So together you will gain +10 points more.

In total, in a year you can add +35 points, without no pain or overstressing*.

* I don’t consider the English test a pain, because it is 100% useful skills. Later it will make your life easier!

Not a bad result, yes? No magic, just simple math.

And I didn’t even offer you to change your visa type from an independent to a regional nominated one when you can get 15 points more.

Of course, you can submit EOI with a minimum of points, but please, do not waste your time just waiting for an invitation!

Improving your case, you can update your EOI and boost your profile among other candidates in real time.

You will find more tips and details about skilled migration in 2023 in my new guide, published on the website Immi School with a price of less than 1 AUD per page!

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