Our Clients’ Visas. January 2024

Gday to all my dear future Australians!
Today, I am thrilled to present our first success stories of 2024!

In January, we received 20 positive decisions on visa applications for our clients. As usual, there was a wide variety of cases – including sponsored visas, skilled and student visas, partner and parent visas, the last of the COVID visas, and even one talent visa!

Unfortunately, one couple received a refusal for their visitor visa application. It was a very strange refusal… we have got negative outcome even before our clients had the chance to submit their biometric data. We are all puzzled, of course, but we are not giving up! We are determined to refine their case and secure a positive outcome!

Below, you will find some of the cases.

Skilled and Sponsored Visas

Student and Tourist Visas

Partner and Parent Visas

Other Visas

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