Orphan visa. Work case

This is a special story about a child who was left alone outside of Australia.

The Orphan Relative visa SC117 is a permanent visa that allows a child under 18 years of age to come to Australia and live with relatives if their parents are dead, unable to care for them or cannot be found.

This was my first experience with such a visa, so I firmly declare that the case was unique and very interesting. I didn't lead this case from beginning to end, but people came for advice at the stage when the Department sent request for additional information.

It turned out that the Department knows more than all the child’s relatives put together. Unfortunately, the first parent died tragically, and the grandmother took on temporary guardianship.

The situation was complicated by the fact that he would soon turn 18, so this was our last chance.

Before me was the task – to prove that really NOBODY has information about the remaining close relatives (second parent) of the boy. After that, an aunt living in Australia can become a sponsor of the child, take care of him and bring his nephew to Australia for permanent residence.

I built an evidence strategy for a client, and we went back to the Department for help.

In more detail, we took advantage of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and asked them for the very information they needed about the second parent in order to do a DNA test. Obviously, no one can tell us personal data about a third party, they simply do not have the right for that.

Thus, the secret remained a secret, and the boy received a permanent residence visa and moved to Australia. Let’s wish him a long and happy life in an Australian family.

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