New requirement to be a genuine student

Department of Home Affairs announced changes to the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement for student visas (sc 500). 

All student applications for visa SC500 lodged on or after 23 March 2024 will be assessed with a Genuine Student (GS) requirement, that will have target questions that will provide with an overview of the applicant and their reasons to study in Australia. 

The intended questions will cover: 

  • details of their current circumstances, including ties to family, community, employment and economic circumstances; 
  • an explanation for the choice of course and reasons for choosing Australia as a study destination; 
  • what benefits the course provides to the applicant; 
  • for applicants with a study history in Australia, details of their study history;
  • for applicants holding a visa other than a Student visa, their reasons for applying for a student visa; and 
  • any other relevant information the applicant wishes to provide.


The student visa declaration will be amended to require applicants to confirm that they understand important details.

Student should confirm that they understand what does it mean to be a genuine student, and that while post-study pathways to PR are available, only a limited number of student will be able to achieve PR.

Please note the GTE requirement will be retained for Student Guardian (sc 590) visa applications.

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